This re-invention of the classic cat-eye may be the go to trend this autumn

Struggling to perfect your cat-eye flick? Making them look like distant relatives than twins? Well you are not alone, I have had my fair share of cat-eye dilemmas and usually it just ends up with me removing all my makeup and going back to my basic day-to-day look (boringgg).

However, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that Selena Gomez has been pictured with the coolest beauty trend for fall (apparently) during her Coach show and for once it’s a pretty do-able look, something that I could possibly perfect for once (maybe).

So what’s this awesome trend you wonder? Well it’s known as the “thumbprint eyeliner” and don’t worry it’s not literally a thumbprint shape on the corners of your eyes, although that could be pretty cool…

Anyway, despite the many, many eyeliner tricks and hacks for drawing a flawless cat-eye it does not prolong the inevitable makeup meltdowns that will then lead to more late-to-work mornings. Which is why the thumbprint eyeliner may be your go to look as it makes your routine a lot quicker as well as easier.

To achieve (and master) this look, there will be no liquid eyeliner in use as the flick is created with eye shadow with either a brush or your finger until the rounded curve of shadow is the same size as the pad of your finger. This look is meant to be messy, messier the better as the oval wings are supposed to be sisters and not identical twins which is definitely a hallelujah from me!

Hopefully this trend will be a hit and be popular as I need more makeup looks with an ‘I don’t care whether it looks perfect’ feel to it as I’m not amazing at makeup. The look was also seen on Lady Gaga at the Grammy’s with her blood red coloured oval wings on the corner of her eyes as well as on the runway at Jason Wu’s and Tom Ford’s fashion shows.

Here are some more thumbprint eyeliner look to get you inspired:

thumbprint look 1
Source: Steve Granitz/WireImage
lady gaga thumbprint
Source: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Let me know what you guys think of the latest trend for autumn and if you have any tips or tricks for actually perfecting the cat-eye flick, please help a sister out!

See you in my next post,

Stephanie ^^