Geek in a Week: Week 6, Part 2

Hi there and welcome back to Geek in a Week, this is your fellow correspondent Jac with this week’s Geek in a Week! It’s now Autumn, or as I like to call it Geek Season as all my favourite TV shws come back, which means a lot more writing for me! This week we’re looking at Scarecrow, Spectre’s, Strange and Supergirl, so without further ado let’s grab a drink at the Iceberg Lounge.

Be warned there may be spoilers ahead;


This Week’s Headline News: Gotham Season 4 Premiere

Yes on Thursday night we returned to the crime-ridden city of Gotham, and I couldn’t;t be more excited to continue the story of Bruce Wayne’s transition from orphan to vigilante, and all the threats he faces along the way. Episode 1; “Pax Penguina”

Dawn of a Night

The Penguin has taken back control of the underworld after the Tetch virus released into the city last year, by creating special cards for criminals so they can legally commit cries under his watchful eye. This all changes as a  group of criminals enlist Jonathan Crane to help find his father’s equipment, so they can spread fear amongst the city. The Penguin opens up the Iceberg Lounge and discusses with Bruce about his control over the underworld, unveiling his frozen Ed Nygma in the centre of his lounge. Overall as an introductory episode it was pretty decent, the highlights were seeing the return of Scarecrow and his villainous debut at the end of the episode.

Stay tuned as soon we’ll see some classic Batman rogues introduced this season, including Solomon Grundy and Professor Pyg, and the head of the demon  himself; Ra’s Al Ghul. Episode 2 airs next Thursday, which will be titled “Fear the Reaper”.


Next we have seemingly have confirmation about HBO’s next blockbuster series, and it may please a lot of old school comic fans!

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Day One.

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With the success of Game of Thrones and Westworld, the next project that HBO may be working will be none other than: Watchmen. Yes. The Watchmen, based off Alan Moore’s brilliant graphic novel and the 2009 film. Nothing official has been announced yet by HBO but rumours have been surfacing that a pilot has already been commissioned. The creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof is the main man who will drive he series, and posted the image above to his Instagram account, which is the trophy of the hero Nite Owl from the series. I think a a series will do the novel justice as although the film wasn’t bad, many fans had problems with it. Imagine the blood and gore from GOT and the drama and intensity from Westworld, it’s a winning combination! If you haven’t read the book or watched the film I encourage you to do so, as it is known as one the best stories in comic history.

Now off to the casting corner, and you may not know this already but there is a series called Krypton coming soon next year, set on Superman’s famous home planet following his grandfather Seg-El and the Zod families, and 200 years before the birth of the Man of Steel. Famous villains Doomsday and Brainiac are said to appear in the series at some point, as well as a fairly unknown character that has just been cast;

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Shaun Sipos has been cast as Adam Strange, a human who becomes a superhero after mysteriously being transported to another world. you may recognise Shaun from roles in some pretty big horror films such as Final Destination 2 and Texas Chainsaw 3D. In the comics, Adam was teleported by accident from Earth to Rann by a scientist named Sardath. Upon arrival he located a suit and helmet which he used to turn himself into a superhero and thus Adam Strange’s career was born! Whether or not his origin will stay the same in the series or changed to fit Krypton is unknown, but the character has been described as  “a world-weary human, who finds himself stranded on Krypton as the unlikely mentor to Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather.” We have a long time to wait and there’s no official image of Adam or his suit yet as well, only the teaser shown at comic for the series due to air next year. Will Adam be a surprise hit with new audiences or will he stay on Earth and head back into obscurity?


And finally our video of the week is an official Season 3 trailer for Supergirl, and has confirmed a classic DC villain for the opener! See for yourself!


Yes Supergirl Season 3 will be bringing in Robert DuBois also known as Bloodsport and will aim to terrorise the girl of steel and National City!


Many men have taken up the name Bloodsport but the version that will appear on our screens soon will be the ex-Vietnam soldier Robert DuBois who fled to Canada to survive at any cost. His brother took his place and tragically lost his limbs, driving Robert insane. Hired by Lex Luthor to assassinate Superman, armed with Kryptonite needles and a teleportation device. Don’t be surprised if some of this origin changes notably the Vietnam War as it is dated, but from the description below it sounds like he’ll have plenty of artillery to fire. The most important question will be; will he spot his iconic red bandanna? The official description for the character is as follows;

“This evil and threatening Merc is an ex-military man who has infiltrated his former base and stolen a variety of articles that he uses to cloak an underwater nuclear device.  As we later learn, he is in the employ of Morgan Edge, and he has been hired to blow up the waterfront with an underwater nuke…PRINCIPAL”

Supergirl Season 3 starts on October 9th!


That’s all to report for now, but come back on Monday for your fix of weekly geek weekly news, as i’ll review  Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which i’ll be seeing in 4D! And i’ll be spilling the beans on this year’s CW Superhero crossover, as well as all the geeky gossip and nerdy news.

Until then this is Jac, signing out.