My horrifying phone experience

Oh boy, has this been a rocky two years and I’m finally ready to discuss a situation I’ve been in for the last year and 2 months.

Back in 2013, I bought the Nexus 5 from Google as my new phone. I was very excited as it was my first Google phone and I’d heard nothing but good things about it. It lasted for a year and 9 months before the battery and performance of the device finally gave in and I had to start looking for a new phone. Trusting Google with my Android and life I bought the newly announced Nexus 6p. “What could go wrong”…


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My 6P was fine for the first 10 months, the battery was solid, the system ran fine and for the most part, I was happy with my phone. Battery lasted about a day and performance was stellar across the device.


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It started first when I downloaded the Android 7.0 public beta from the Android Beta website, before I’m called out for this being the beta, many people have had this same issue and a friend who never touched it got it as well, I only speeded up by the process by like.. 2 months. Downloading the beta my battery tanked very quickly so I returned to the normal release track for my phone, no harm was done… so I thought.


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I was playing Pokemon Go one day and heading back home with a mate when my battery tanked from 15% to 0% in about 2 seconds. It was bizarre but perhaps a fluke.


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A few days later the same issue happened, then a few days after that. This had become a problem. I checked most reliable sources and could see that this issue was cropping up with a lot of people, the amount skyrocketed after the release of Android 7 to the public, this Android flagship phone that was meant to show me the brightest and best of Googles iOS competitor was taking an hour and a half out of my battery each day as battery performance continued to sink.


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Among this issue I had another, my charging port was damaged seemingly from day to day use and my phone to this day remains a hell to charge. Following the Android 8 update my phone’s battery is lucky if I get 3 hours charge out of it before it plummets.


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Now, how have Google and Huawei resolved this issue? Well, one and a bit year later as you can tell the issue is still a prevalent problem in my day to day, all I can find on the rather hush issue from the two companies is that they continue to blame each other for this issue which solves nothing. I recently tried to call Google customer support during the recent event where they were giving Pixels to Nexus 6p owners with this issue but I was not offered such a thing, instead, I was offered a refurbished Nexus 6p, a piece of hardware I have next to no trust in and as I don’t want to risk Google finding something else wrong with my phone and charging me £499 for the privilege I think after all this I’m just going to change to a new phone soon.


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Shout out to Google support for their kindness with my issue over the weekend, they were helpful with my issue, it’s just a shame the rest of the company continues to leave this massive issue as unresolved.

More of a story this Friday but I thought I’d share my horrifying experience with this piece of hardware. Have you had a horrifying hardware experience, tweet us to tell me!