Freshers for third years


Here’s my freshers squad.

Yes, that’s right I’m in my third and final year of uni.

Don’t get me wrong I have loved freshers for the past two years, but going into my final year I’m not too sure whether freshers is for me.

Sunday night I returned to Bournemouth and straight away all of my friends wanted to go out. I did too, but when I saw the queues I had my doubts.

There were three events on that night and so we decided to go to the ‘quieter’ one. But it wasn’t till over an hour of waiting in the freezing cold, that we got in.

It was madness, and I thought to myself if this was supposedly the smallest event, imagine what the main event was like?!

So, anyway, we got in around 12:30 and wanted to get a drink.

HALF AN HOUR LATER… I get my first drink.

What a joke. People pushing me, left, right and centre. I’m not up for that.

But moving on (this post isn’t all moaning by the way) my housemates and I decided we wanted to find alternative things to do, rather than spending the two weeks of freshers, queuing.

So last night we went to a quiz at a local pub. We came third, had a few beers and literally had the best time. We then came home, with even more beers, and stayed up till early hours just chilling all together in my (freezing) student house.

Other alternatives could include going to a smaller bar, or just going to a pub.

No queues. No hassles.

Having said that I’m about to totally contradict myself. Because, shock, tonight we’re going out again. But it isn’t the biggest event, and I have queue jump so hopefully it won’t be an absolute nightmare.

So to sum up, get drunk with your friends in third year but maybe in a more low-key environment if you can’t hack the cold or the queues.