Best & Worst drugstore mascara

This week we’re keeping it short and sweet. I always find it quite a waste of money to spend a lot on a mascara, as you can only use it 3 to 6 months. So I’m always looking for a good drugstore mascara. Now I wanted to try a really cheap Max & More mascara last week. I took it with me when we went a weekend away to the sea side. But to be fair, I didn’t really like that mascara.



This mascara has two sides, one of them is a ‘lash prep’ and the other end is the mascara itself. To start of with I don’t like working with big, awkward packaging. The primer seemed to do it’s work. It didn’t give me more volume, but it made my lashes a bit longer. But then the mascara, what the hell was that?! I hated it, I really did. It clumped my lashes together and it was like it made the primer move so that my lashes had some weird angles.



But there I was, at our beach house, I brought a make up bag with some products, containing the really bad mascara. That evening we were going out for dinner. And you know, it doesn’t matter if you can create the best eye look ever, if your mascara makes it look like you’ve only got 3 eyelashes, it’s ruined. So as we went shopping, I ran into the drugstore to get another one. I’ve used the Essence Lash Princess mascara before and I liked it, but I wanted to try something new, so I bought this one. I thought I heard some good things about it. It’s the The False Lashes Extreme Volume & Curl Mascara.The packaging looks quite retro and I love it. And it is actually really good. It works very nicel, with one coat it already gives me some more volume and a lot more length and curl. One coat is enough, but hey, a little bit of mascara never killed anyone, right? So I always add another layer, which you can do perfectly with this one, it doesn’t get clumpy. And the best part of it? This one was €2,89 (£2.55).


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