5 reasons to watch The Expanse

The Sci-fi series known as The Expanse is a show I very much enjoy and I’m hoping it goes on to bigger things and that more of the books of the same name get turned into a film. But instead of reviewing it and risking spoilers, I’m going to give you 5 spoiler-free reasons to watch The Expanse. If you want to watch The Expanse it’s available on Netflix.

Warning, despite the fact that this is “spoiler-free” there may be some light spoilers, if you don’t want to know ANYTHING then go and watch the series first. 


Miller is 100% serious in his goal but he’ll make sure to be comedic at every turn he can. He’s incredibly cynical, honest and just an all-round enjoyable character.

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Sci-Fi Game of Thrones?

The best way to describe the political thriller that is The Expanse is that it is Sci-fi Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones in space with warships instead of Dragons and Three major political factions instead of 7+!

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Really Tense

Following on from my previous point, this show is exceptionally thrilling with some really tense and exciting moments, The inter-planetary politics are interesting on their own but the events that happen between the characters and within the events unfolding within the series, you’ll be set up for some jaw-dropping moments.

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Space Dog-Fights

Seriously, I don’t need to write much for this. Dogfights between inter-planetary warships with torpedoes and railguns? I bet you’re sold.

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The opening sequence

This one is probably more because the Game of Thrones opening has worn thin after 7 seasons but the opening sequence to The Expanse is so pretty! It’s details and music are something that I end up appreciating a whole lot more.

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But what do you think? Have I peaked your interest with this series or is it another series you’re just going to scroll past? Tweet us to let me know!