Five Things To Expect From Freshers Week

With the new University term looming, the infamous Freshers Week is upon us. A scientific anomaly, students can capable of getting through more alcohol in one week than they usually can in a year. So apart from finding out what your new roommate sounds like when they’re throwing up, here are five things to expect from freshers week.

1. There will be loads of people in matching shirts

Source: Exeter University

Normally wearing matching clothes on a night out can potentially ruin everything. You and your friend will spend the evening getting weird looks and arguing over who wears the clothes better. However Freshers Week is all about matching and fitting in. Societies are a big part of university and they show off their members with pride during this week when they all go out in matching uniform. It’s great for new members to find people to interact with but the negatives include getting banned from a club by association with one troublesome member. I know from experience one guy broke a pool table in a club which lead to me and the rest of the squad get blacklisted from the venue for the foreseeable future.

You will discover the wrath of Snakebite

Beer, unless it’s cracking open a cold one with the boys, isn’t that nice. Cider leaves you feeling bloated and sleepy. Yet for some reason, put the two together creates something more addictive than Netflix for students. This hangover guaranteeing combo is almost always the cheapest thing on the menu, and when you’ve already spent too much of your student loan, it’s hard to turn down. That and the fact it’s quicker to drink than it’s ingredients mean it is a staple of every session. Snakebite is easy to ask for, easy to make, and worryingly easier to down. The only problem is that when you inevitably drink too much, your sick will be the same colour as Snakebite, and that colour, is purple.


The references will be off the chart

When people who don’t know each other are made to force friendships, there’s one way to get a conversation going and that’s talking about pop culture. Whether it’s talking about favourite TV Shows and musicians or joining in Jeremy Corbyn chants, there will be plenty of references flying about. My advice to brush up on your knowledge of the world today and be prepared to memorise your favourite quotes. Seeing someone with a Peep Show T-Shirt and saying ‘Four naans Jeremy, Four? That’s insane.’ will guarantee you a friend for life. Right now the thing which is being talked about young adults the most is MC Quakes’ Fire In The Booth perfomance say make sure you know how the ‘Ting goes’ and how ‘Pop pop pops’ there are.


You’ll probably fall in love

Whether it’ll be the first person to stare at you in a club, or a girl who knows all the lyrics to whoever everyone’s favourite rapper is these days, or that boy who says he’s a feminist, you will fall in love. It’s natural to want to find a companion to share the university journey with straight away, or maybe just give yourself another reason to self loathe when your don’t talk to them . Scientifically speaking there’s a little chance that you’ll find your soulmate in a cheap bar a worryingly mature student gave you free entry to, so don’t get your hopes up, but after one too many snakebites who believes in Science?


You won’t make it out every night

Source: Birmingham Mail

Everyone has a limit. Mine was just one day last year (I HAD WORK THE NEXT DAY I’M NOT A LIGHTWEIGHT). Even if you don’t beat your liver and sleeping schedule into submission, there’s a good chance you’ll have reached your overdraft limit. Whilst the Snakebites aren’t too expensive, there’s a good chance the takeaway you’ve had every day is. The human body is not made to consume that much alcohol in one session, or Jagermeister full stop, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a day off, or being unable to move out of bed because you can’t do so without being sick. Just make sure you make enough memories and friends the days you do make it to the club.