Amazebomb; F Bomb

Once again I’ll start this review with, I promise you; this ones the bomb!

Remember my last review of a amazebomb product? The fate bomb! Well this one is just as good!


The colours of these bombs are incredible! I loved this bombs vibrant blue colours and this ones final result reminded me of those bright blues found in blue raspberry sweets and all things sugary!


This bomb smelt so good too! I’m still burdened with a blocked nose and it succulent aroma still filled the bathtub and bathroom! I’m not particularly a fan of lavender but this was a good ratio so it wasn’t overwhelming and not so in your face as a lot of lavender based products can be. Oh, and at the peak of being stressed to the max, this bathbomb managed to calm me down completely! Relaxed… is an understatement!


And in true Amazebomb style… here’s the cute hidden quote to calm us down and motivate us to do great! “Inhale the good vibes, and exhale the bad vibes and do what you do best.”