How To Kill That Writers Block

I think everyone that writes has this issue at some point, and it is nothing short of frustrating. Ironically when I came up with this post idea I was actually having a writers block myself! I decided to write some top tips to tackle that little niggling issue that our brains has.

Step away from it all and go anywhere
If you force yourself to write you will just blank out more, so step away from it all and go anywhere that doesn’t involve you writing until you feel more refreshed.


Go for a walk
Going for a walk clears out your mind quite well, even if you just need to step away from an argument or clear your head out in general.


Chat to someone
Talking to someone can sometimes generate ideas and even expand on ones you didn’t realise you had.


Listen to music
Music is an easy escape. The lyrics can also help to generate ideas or even just help you relax so you aren’t overthinking.


Read/watch something
Once again, this can help generate ideas as well as relax you


Keep a little notebook with you and jot down ideas as you go alone
By keeping a notebook with you you will be able to write down the little thoughts you may have throughout the day that can later help generate more ideas for moments such as a writers block.

Open Blank Notebook with Ballpoint Pen on Top

Have a shower/bath
Have you ever planned an argument or conversation with someone that you should or are about to have? Well it’s the similar thing here! Showers tend to relax you so you think more clearly and so you will be able to come up with things to write about!


Cooking means filling your tummy, which means brain food, which means brain will work better, and voila! You have ideas.



So, these are some of my tips on how to get rid of a writers block. Did I cover them all? Tweet us, @www_writers