From Screen To Kitchen

Recap; So if you read my ‘Bringing Disney To You’ you will get the format I am going for and ‘The Plan’. In two weeks I plan to bring back and complete the Disney Kitchen Series and then I will start creating my favorite recipes for my new Geek Kitchen series. So let’s give you a sneak peek at what to expect and some ideas to for your own kitchens…


HitchHikers Towel BBQ Rangoons – This Recipe provides wit and perfection. You can make them the night before and tuck into them before you start your long day of traveling the galaxy… I mean the Dolphin’s already left.

See the recipe here;


Final Fantasy Popotatoes – Final Fantasy XIV had the best-looking food, which didn’t help when you were playing as you’d lose focus and just end up daydreaming about the food..or was that just me. I am obsessed with Mash potatoes (I’ll have it on or with anything it’s my ultimate guilty pleasure) and I think I found the best recipe in general. This is definitely one that I will be trying.

See the recipe here; 



Harry Potter Shepards Pie –  As served in the great hall, it seems the eager students enrolled at Hogwarts have a reason to rush towards this creamy pie! (It is still a pie although not made with pastry). Top Tip – See what it’s like when you combine the Mash Poptatoes and this delicious delicacy, in return I’ll let you know how it goes.

See the recipe here;


Deadpool Chimichangas – It wouldn’t be a geek recipe list without the appearance of a certain anti-hero. The ultimate reference could make the ultimate dish. (“Ha. That’s what she says”) Plus you can’t fight crime on an empty stomach  (“Or without a superhero outfit but each to their own”), although you may not be able to move at all after this (“Just go cook it so she’ll finally shut up!”)

See the recipe here; 




Wookie Cookies – Apart from the fact that these rhyme, for someone who isn’t a fan of cookies with icing, I am certainly interested to see how these turn out. They just look so sweet!

See the recipe here; 


Capt’n Apple Pies – There are so many cakes out there, that I thought I’d save you the search with these Captain America Apple Pies you’ll be crying in distress every 5 seconds just to get another bite of justice!

See the recipe here;



There was one unusual drink that caught my eye and we always see Harry Potters Butterbeer (yet to be experienced)…

Dave Lister’s Mango Lassi – This recipe is full to the brim with references, it’ll make you’re really making it with Lister’s help, whilst Rimmer just sulks. I mean you could offer him some, but I plan on keeping this one all to myself.

See the recipe here;


So now you can keep your favorite character’s company whilst you eat the food they love, in return it maybe your favorite too. Binge watch/ play to your heart’s content. In return, if you decide to click save on these recipes and make them yourself, send them in! We’d love to see them.

Stay tuned for when I make Monte Cristo Sandwich, French Toast Loaf, and Dole Whip! And the start of this series where I will make 4/ 7 of the recipes above!

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