LUSH: Jelly Face Mask Review!

Hi guys, the other day I walked into the LUSH store in Swansea, which has quite recently been reopened after a refurbishment.

I regularly use the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ fresh face mask from LUSH and I’ve had great results. But I noticed that the store had new face masks, and of course I had a nose and one in particular caught my eye. A jelly face mask.

The one I bought is called ‘The Birth of Venus’ which, I’m not gonna lie, I bought because of the name and the colour. It’s a beautiful aquamarine and it caught my eye immediately.

The actual face mask is not too dissimilar to the shower jellies that LUSH also sell.

So I tried it out that night. I had a nice warm bath and wet my face and hands and read the instructions. The tub stated that I should rip some product off and massage it into my hands until I get a creamy texture and all the lumps are gone. Then to work it into my face and, like a lot of their other face masks, leave for 5-10 minutes before washing off.

Honestly, my skin has never felt better. Of course I’d never betray my regular blueberry face mask as it’s great for my combination skin, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get this face mask too every now and then?

I’m not the biggest lavender lover, but the scent of this face mask is quite subtle. Once I took the mask off, my skin felt soft and nourished. I felt very fresh and awake and ready to take on anything. I actually felt powerful! Funny what a little TLC can do!!

I give this product a: 9/10

(Due to the fact it’s lavender but there are other masks with different scents)

This is me, signing off!!