Here’s To Never Growing Up

Welcome back dear readers to my birthday! As I grow a year older, I wanted to write about the meaning of growing up and the sentimentality behind it.

As I sit here, now 19 years old, you realise that when you get older, the list of people you spend your birthday with can get smaller, and that’s okay, because as your circle gets smaller you start to realise who is really there for you and who isn’t. Real friends shine out from the fake ones, or the ones who just don’t want to continue to make effort with you, and that’s okay too, because it helps you realise how to read people off the bat when you first meet them and how to tell if they have true intentions.

However, you also don’t want to grow older because that means taxes and bills and having to do grown up actions that we never taught how to handle and carry out. In the words of Peter Pan: “Don’t grow up, because growing up means forgetting”, forgetting what it’s like to be young and have fun before being swamped with everything.

Reflecting, there are times I wish I was still 6 years old, waking up at 6am to watch Toonattik and Baby Looney Toons every weekend, but part of me is thankful for having to grow up and learn life’s lessons for us all. Growing up isn’t all bad, but it isn’t all fun either.

That’s it from me today! Until next time…

Jamie xo