Have you ever… seen Train to Busan?

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TtB 1

I had other films at the top of my list to write about  before I watched this on Tuesday and it has instantly catapulted itself to the top. Finally I have found the zombie film I always knew existed. I would go so far as saying Train to Busan is the best zombie film I have ever seen.

The premise is simple; A man and his daughter board the train in the Korean capital, Seoul, destined for the second largest city, Busan, way down in the opposite corner. Unbeknown to the passengers of the train, a nationwide epidemic is slowly breaking out which turns people into mindless cannibalistic drones and, after getting bitten on the leg and fleeing, one lady manages to find the safety of the train just before it departs. What follows is a rather rapid decline into anarchy with small pockets of passengers camping out in cars separated by hordes of the infected.

I can’t give much more of the plot away without spoiling some tension so I will leave it there.

The entire film is in Korean but it is not too difficult to find a version with English subtitles – I found it on Amazon Prime.

The infected do a very efficient job of being a true force to be reckoned with. They remind me of the Zeds in World War Z: being able to run and jump just as fast as the unaffected. Every scene they are present, I was tense thinking how on earth the cast would make it out.

TtB 3

All in all, the terrific pacing of the film along with the fear inducing zombies and awesome action scenes creates a true masterpiece zombie film genre.


If you’ve already seen Train to Busan and want to see more zombie films (despite my saying that this is the best!) – check out:

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