5 best ways to enjoy avocado



With avocado very much in food fashion right now, I thought I’d give a list of the yummiest ways to add it into your diet.

We’re always told to stay away from fatty foods and stick to ‘good’ natural fats- and avocado is one of the best!

Eating natural fats ensures a balanced diet and provides a source of energy to our systems. The human body is very clever in using the fats we eat to provide energy for most of our life-functions!

So here goes..


  • 1) The basic: A nice nutritious salad


Cut the avo in two and slice up its bright green contents. Then maybe mix it with some fresh leaves (I prefer spinach), maybe a few tomatoes, cucumber and a nice juicy red pepper. For those of you that love your meat, grill some strips of chicken, or even dice some bacon, and mix it into this green combo.


  • 2) A mean green smoothie



Are you someone that skips breakfast? I know I am. Well I was until I decided to experiment with a smoothie maker I got for my birthday! If you can’t face the sight of food before your first lecture, or your early morning shift, fear not- smoothies are here to keep you full until lunchtime.


Again, slice up your avocado, add some frozen berries (a box is only £2 in Asda and can do up to 7 smoothies), along with protein filled oats, milk (whether that’s cows, soya or almond) and even add a banana. This will give you a blend of protein, natural fats and natural sugars, leaving you with a very healthy start to your day.


  • 3) A cake- for those of you who are quite the baker


A chocolate avocado cake, have you ever heard anything more ridiculous?! But honestly give it a go. It’s a slightly healthier alternative and tastes creamier than ever (thanks to the avo.)


Follow the BBC’s good food recipe and you’ll be set!




  • 4) The classic, guacamole- for you chips’n’dips lovers


When you’re tucking into your fajitas and your mouth is burning, a scrummy guacamole will tone down your taste buds leaving a refreshing flavour! Or for those who love their tortilla chips, give it a go as an alternative from salsa! Whether its homemade or shop bought, the avocado-based dip is a must try!


  • 5) And finally, a nice and simple brunch time snack- Avocado on toast


Who doesn’t love anything plonked on toast? Beans? Cheese? Spaghetti hoops? You name it, we’ve had it.


But have you tried smashed avocado on toast? Again, a nice nutritious day time snack, or even a breakfast option, added with poached eggs or smoked salmon.


As usual, put your toast on and cut up your avocado and then smash it up (using a fork) until it’s nice and mushy, then spread it on top with a bit of butter. Even add a bit of black pepper if you’re feeling fancy! And voila!



P.S Enjoy a nice avo pun!