What Needs To Happen In Game of Thrones Season 8- Part One

*This post contains potential spoilers, you’ve been warned!*

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I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, I have followed since its beginning, so here is the start of a two part blog explaining what I want to happen next series. Season 7 finished has been over a few weeks now, and the reception toward it seemed mixed as opposed to previous seasons. One of the major problems this season was that it felt very rushed and many moments that happened in it where done too quickly. Also there was the style over substance approach and focused more on large albeit impressive battle scenes rather than character development and political back stabbing that had made the show so intriguing in the past. So for Season 8 to be even better, here are five things that need to happen!

Bring Back The Shock Value

The show had become synonymous amongst viewers because of its willingness to kill off main characters at the blink of an eye. Season 7 was lacking in these shocking moments, and only killed off characters such as Thoros of Myr who don’t really carry any weight among fans to be bothered by him dying. While they saved the biggest death of the season; Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish until the last episode, it didn’t carry the punch it should have done, again, because it was rushed. Another death that had no shock value to it was the death of one of Daenerys’ dragons; Viserion. Many fans have theorized this for a while now and when Westeros’ answer to Suicide Squad sent for Daenerys and her dragon beyond the wall, it was obvious what was going to happen as soon as the dragons arrived. What season 8 needs to do is kill off a few big characters, and now the White Walkers are beyond the wall, there is a bigger threat to all of the characters now. The thought of characters we have grown to love over the last seven years being killed by Wight’s and becoming them, is a harrowing thought and would once again have an emotional punch that the show can thrive off. Now imagine Jon having to kill Tormund in Wight form, would be pretty sad right?

Death predictions for Season 8: Tormund, Beric Dondarrion, Grey Worm, Jorah, The Hound, The Mountain, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion and Daenerys. Its going to be an absolute blood bath!

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Reveal the identity of The Prince Who Was Promised/Lord of Light

It was revealed this season that the prophesized ‘Prince That Was Promised’ could be a man or woman. So the two obvious front-runners are Jon Snow and Daenerys. However, my money is on Jon, because Daenerys already has enough titles to her name. There could be a cruel plot twist in this particular narrative strand. This is because who ever is the Lord of Light, to defeat the White Walkers, must forge the sword Lightbringer to help bring an end to them. To forge it, the Lord of Light must stab his loved on in the heart to create the sword. So I think this is how Jon or Daenerys is going to die, one must sacrifice the other to save Westeros from the White Walkers, its going to be a bittersweet ending to say the least.

Join me next week for my Part Two of this article, talking about theories, improvements and plot points for the show!

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