Music News 14/09/17

When you follow someone you mainly follow them because of their crafts, and when it comes to YouTubers it can sometimes feel as if you have a friend the other side of the screen. With that being said let’s look at today’s Music News Highlights…

Our Highlights will focus on;
– Emma Blackery Apple Event
– Foo Fighters Pop Up Pub
– Paramore Tour 3 Bonus Dates

Emma Blackery;
Don’t know who Emma Blackery is, well you’re about to…

“I’m closer to a record deal, then I ever have been”  Emma Blackery 

Emma Blackery first started her channel to promote her music, after first going under the name ‘thesesilentseas’ she quickly changed it to copyright the name ‘Emma Blackery’ and the many variations that followed such as Anna Blackberry (…thanks, Tom Ska).

At first, she uploaded songs and covers and it was only when she saw a few of her own favourite YouTubers vlogging, she decided it was something she could do as well. Since touring with Busted her follow count has raised and not long after she released her EP ‘Magnetised’. Shortly after she also published a book titled ‘Feel Good 101‘.

Earlier this year Apple got in contact with Emma and her Manager Mark, to ask permission to use Emma’s Magnatised artwork. Without hesitation, both agreed and it was seen to be used to promote the new Apple MacBook early on in the year. Emma thought that was that. So yes you could say she might have received a shock on Tuesday Night when she was watching Rick and Morty in bed and found her phone lighting up with texts from friends demanding she check the Apple Event. There was her face front and center.


Needless to say this new found free publicity has done wonders for Emma with her EP reaching 36 in the Pop iTunes Album charts and opened many new doors that we will hopefully see more in the future. Personally, I hope this means we finally get that Album she has been wanting to make and I’ve been wanting to hear!

To check out Emma Blackery, simply just click her name.

Foo Fighters Pop Up Pub; 
To celebrate the release of ‘Concrete & Gold’ the New Album, they are opening their own London based Pop-Up Pub titled ‘The Foo Fighters Arms’ on Thursday, September 15th running until Wednesday, September 20th. Offering new limited merchandise and special drinks. Plus if you visit on a Monday night you can take part in a Foo Fighters Quiz.


Click here to see more information in regards to events;

Here’s hoping they’ll attract ‘the best of you’.

Paramore’s ‘Tour 3’ Bonus Dates;
In May 2017 Paramore released ‘After Laughter’ and it’s no secret from a Paramore fan that after a new album comes a UK Tour. Paramore has added 3 new dates to their UK & EU tour ‘Tour 3’ which will start in Barcelona on January 7th, 2018.

Tour Dates are as follows;
– Barcelona        –     7th January 
– Paris                 –     9th January
– Cardiff             –     11th January (SOLD OUT)
-London            –      12th January 
-Birmingham   –      14th January 
– Amsterdam    –      16th January 
– Manchester    –      19th January
– Glasgow          –      20th January   

Here’s to hoping they add a couple more.

New album releases to look out for;

– Enter Shikari – The Spark – September 22nd
– Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip – September 22nd
– The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful – September 22nd
– Van Morrison – Roll With The Punches – September 22nd

That’s it, come back next week for even more Music News, remember we publish every Thursday. Are you happy for Emma Blackery, be visiting The Foo Fighter Arms and be attending a Paramore date? Tell us, we would love to know! 

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