My five favorite colours for autumn

DSC_0083It’s not official yet, but we all can feel it, autumn is back. It’s not my favourite time, I’m fine with the rainy weather, but I hate those short days. But what I do love about autumn, is that I can experiment with darker lip colours again. I love wearing deep purple colours, but you can’t really pull that off in summer, can you? To be fair, I do, sometimes. But now that it gets colder again I can really get away with wearing darker shades. These are my five favourite autumn shades.


First off is probably my favourite shade at the moment. This is NYX Budapest, it’s like a burgundy, wine shade with more of a brown undertone. I love this, it isn’t too ‘in your face’ and you can definitely wear this in the day time.


A bit less wearable during the daytime (not that I really care), is NYX Seoul. This is a bright purple shade and is right up my street. This one and the previous one are Soft Matte Lip Creams, as the name suggests, they’re matte, but they do feel quite comfortable on the lips. They last a good amount of time, but not as long as ‘normal’ matte liquid lipsticks.


Another purply shade is this one by Catrice. This is the Ultimate Stay in the colour 070 Plum & Base. This is another matte lipstick. It’s a plum shade, obviously. When you swatch it, you can see that it’s a purple with a red undertone. It lies somewhere in between the first two shades. I didn’t find this exact one anymore, but I found a similar one.


Two colours to go, and they are two nudish ones. The first one is this Clinique Pop lipstick in the colour Plum pop. This one is a lot lighter and a lot more pink than the Catrice one. It’s a gorgeous colour. This lipstick is a colour and primer in one and it feels really soft on the lips.


And then lastly, this matte Essence lipstick in the colour 03 Come Naturally. This is a beautiful nude colour with a slight purple undertone (or at least that’s what I see in it). You can’t get this one anymore, but they brought out a new range of matte lipsticks with quite a similar colour.


Eva x.