IT: 2017 Review

We all know about the new rebooted adaptation of Stephen King’s IT that was released this year. As I recently watched this I thought I would do a little review on my opinion towards the movie reboot. Before you continue though I must warn you there will be spoilers! So, if you don’t want them then STOP reading right now!


The movie is based in 1988 in the small Maine town Derry. It starts off with two brothers building a boat, to which the younger brother takes out to try out in the rain. Unfortunately the boat ends up going a bit too fast and goes down a drain. Just as he was about to grab the boat a clown intercepts inside the drain. He talks to the clown, and eventually gets the courage to try grab his boat back. Unfortunately for him, the clown is not all so funny, instead he is a blood thirsty clown that grabs his hand and bites it off and then later drags him down the drain. Fast forward a year, it is the end of the school year.


The focus of the movie then begins on the older brother, Bill (Jaeden Wesley Lieberher) from the start, his friends Richie (Finn Wolfhard), Stanley (Wyatt Olef) and Eddie (Jack Dylan Graze). This group is later joined by new boy Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor) and the boys crush Beverly (Sophia Lillis). Typically, the school has a bully named Henry (Nicholas Hamilton) who makes their life hell.


Throughout the movie there are several mysterious disappearances. Bill believes these are all connected and that maybe his brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) can be found along with everyone else. He explores this idea with the rest of his friends, however finding very unpleasant things along the way. They all start seeing a mysterious clown and hallucinating their fears. When they come across Ben, he was being chased down by the school bully and they attempted to help him. This is when their friendship with Beverly also starts as she helps them steal supplies to help Ben out as Henry tried to carve his name in. During this time, he then shared his thoughts on the disappearances and shed light on the fact it happens every 27 years.


From this moment on they explore more things and found that they are all linked to the old well. So, they track this down in hope to find Georgie and all the other missing children. They come across Pennywise the Clown, aka IT (Bill Skarsgård). He makes their life hell by playing on their biggest fears. However, once they realise what his weakness is and what he is up to, they are determined to stop him.


I personally found this movie less terrifying than I imagined it to be. Although the development of Pennywise was very dark, as I imagine it to be, I did not find his character that dark. His first appearance was intriguing and he did have a sense of a twisted soul, however after a few times the novelty of that wore off and it was more of just regular appearance. They relied too much on trying to make each scene where he appears to be ‘jumpy’ rather than slowly building up to the dark and twisted. The thing I would applaud on, however, was the gruesome twists they put in to show exactly how twisted and hungry the clown is. But I guess, nothing is as scary as our mind thinks it to be when we read books. I also found it difficult to have a connection with the children as I felt none of the characters built up completely. They did build a relationship through what they called the ‘Losers club’ however, it was difficult to see proper friendship build. Though, it could be argued that this is just chapter one so they may build it more in the second part.


Overall, I found the movie to be quite average, though it is only chapter one, so you never know what the second chapter may bring? I mean, you could dare to watch it yourself and tell me what you think? Am I right or wrong? Let me know!