9 Tips for Christmas shopping as a gamer

Growing up with my Mum I always got into her habit getting Christmas presents around September time so that when the holiday rush hits I’m already sorted and don’t have to think about it. Whilst I still use this habit for Physical present’s, digital games make it easier to have plans for last second purchases, but that doesn’t stop me from shopping for deals now. So here are my top 9 tips for being a gamer in the holiday season and shopping for friends, family or partners.

Don’t think about your needs

I’m awful for this, I often used to buy my brothers or sisters games that were multiplayer that I really wanted to buy, I even used to do the same for chocolate for my mum! Look at what the other person likes, my brother for instance really likes Fifa and I really don’t but I’ll probably end up picking it up for him because I know it’ll be appreciated.


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Cool, small things have value!

Two of my favourite presents from last Christmas was a bullet bill keychain my brother got me and a Tales character key chain my girlfriend got me, it was sweet and I have both in my wallet all the time. Some times finding small trinkets or items that have value or represent something to someone can mean quite a lot! You can normally save some pennies on them as well.


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Look for the deals

Speaking of saving pennies, find deals. Black Friday is a great time to get nerdy Christmas presents and it doesn’t stop there. Deals can often make a normally expensive game or piece of kit a more viable present.


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Know their gaming interests

If your sister or brother has been talking about a certain game they’ve been playing, google it. Most games are part of a series and if you can find a game in that series they haven’t played that has good reviews maybe that’s a good potential present!


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Be smart with accessories

The joke about 3rd party controllers is a real one but accessories can normally be useful. A charger for controllers or a strap of some sort can often help make life a little more comfortable as a gamer, even a new case never goes amiss!


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Subtly ask for ideas

This one can help quite a bit! Subtly start a conversation asking what games someones been playing and then mesh with the other points to get a good idea for a present!

Check Amazon wishlist

Amazon wish lists can be a good place to source present ideas for gamers from game related socks to full games that have gone on sale. On the flip side if there’s something you’re interested in then start a wish list.


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Check peoples Steam/PSN/Xbox Profiles

Steam/PSN and Xbox profiles can be useful in the same vein as the Amazon wish lists for hunting for new ideas for a date is always a good idea, most people on steam update their wish lists regularly with games they’re interested in and during the Steam sales this is a good idea to grab the latest games!


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Remember not everyone wants gaming stuff!

This is a big one, honestly some of my favourite Christmas presents over the last few years has been stuff that isn’t related to gaming or nerd stuff. Sometimes something useful or sweet can be a better shout than something exciting. A few years a go a friend bought me a box of 24 types of tea knowing how much I love tea, normally we’d of exchanged something nerdy but it was nice to receive something different and something well appreciated.


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But these are just my Christmas planning thoughts, got your own? I know it’s early but it’s always worth thinking about! Remember to tweet us your thoughts!