Why UpUpDownDown is the most unique channel on YouTube

Despite it’s biggest star being caught up in a racism scandal, the gaming community being dominated by embarassingly fake feuds and rap battles, and middle aged men wearing snapbacks filming themselves getting angry at football matches getting more popular by the day, YouTube is still as successful as ever.

The reason for that is despite all the bad, every day more and more quirky channels are channels are being discovered, that and certain people spend hours on end watching clips of Gordon Ramsay’s hotel nightmares, and in this writer’s humble opinion the most unique channel of all is UpUpDownDown.

Source: YouTube/UpUpDownDown

UpUpDownDown (UUDD for short) was started in 2015 by avid gamer and cosplayer Austin Wilson. It features Wilson playing a wide variety of games often with his friends and their reactions and thoughts to what is happening on screen. UUDD sounds just like any other gaming channel on YouTube, but Wilson is not just any YouTuber. When he’s not gaming Wilson is known as Xavier Woods, a professional wrestler and one third of WWE’s most popular stable. Meanwhile his friends are often WWE Superstars.

Taking place on rest days or sometimes even before shows, Wilson, known by his YouTube name Austin Creed, hosts gaming sessions and invites the WWE locker room to join in. Guests are given the oppurtunity to select their own screen name to add to the individuality of the vidoes, for exemple on UUDD former Women’s champion Becky Lynch is known as Souless Sempai. After that Creed and his guests get down to gaming and talk about a variety of topics.

As a wrestling fan, the conversations Creed has with his guests are often fascinating and it’s a great opening to what the superstars are like outside of the ring. With the staged combat nature of wrestling more embraced than ever these days, what happens away from the squared cricle is just as interesting as inside and UUDD has taken full advantage of that. The channel reached one million subscribers only recently and is on it’s way to two million already.

Like other gaming channels, UUDD often has punishment videos, one of which is Creed’s stable partner Kofi Kingston AKA Mr 24/7 forced to drink a ‘smoothie’ made out of ham, ice cream and more ingredients. Creed hosts challenges, 2k career journeys and even birthday celebrations. This is a channel not exclusive to WWE fans, but to anyone with an interest in gaming.

Source: YouTube/UpUpDownDown


There is a huge variety of games played on the channel. Some videos feature a throwback to the legendary Street Fighter games and Sonic the Hedgehog, whilst others are about Clash of Clans and Mass Effect. Just the other week I was introduced to vintage ultimate frisbee game Windjammers that has come to nextgen consoles on a 90 minute livestream. The only problem was the video had to end when Creed had to go out and wrestle.

Creed/Wilson/Woods is an awesome host and seems incredibly popular backstage. He always makes his guests feel confortable and brings the conversation out of everyone. Despite being a world famous wrestler and owning a PHD, he’s one of the most relatable YouTubers out there, and as long as he keeps doing his thing, this unique channel will continue to grow.