Lush; Butterball

IMG_0132.JPG If you didn’t know, I handed in my masters dissertation last week and I had a well deserved splurge at Lush after work!


Ooops! So, I’m not overly familiar with lush as I had a bad reaction to their products when I was younger! Until, for my birthday my MA class got me a lush gift set! (And sent me and my boyf out for dinner too! Absolute cuties!) Since then I’ve tried to use more and more products from there, so I picked a few to review for www.

This is the smallest (and I think cheapest) thing I bought on my trip, weighing in at only 95g! The butterball!

The clue is kinda in the name and this bathbomb is made from Shea butter, making the results from this bomb, peng peng peng and super duper smooth! So much moisture!

Now I didn’t know too much about Shea butter and it’s benefits for the skin, so I did a little research!

“Shea Butter has such a large healing fraction, in addition to moisturizing fraction, regular use of this natural cream can treat many skin problems, including blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skin allergies, insect bites, frost bite, and other skin conditions.” – Sheainstitute 

I wish I’d known this before because I’d have bought a few more! I’m writing this a couple days after I actually used the product and OMG so much smooth! Even now!

Unusually for Lush products the smell wasn’t overbearing and wasn’t the main focus of the product, although I did smell a bit like hand cream! (More than likely the shea haha) but it was deffo one I would use again!

A small price to pay for a smoothing and relaxing bathtime experience! You can buy these at the Lush store or these cute little bear shaped ones here for £2.50! Steal!

Let us know what you think of this product, @www_writers