How not to burn out as a student



Given the time of year and the fact that last year was the first year I’ve accomplished at university, out of 4, that a haven’t completely burnt myself out at least once, I felt it would be a good idea to give you guys some tips, so you don’t repeat my mistakes.

1. Eat right…
They may seem fairly obvious, but the secret to having loads of energy is eating right. Now I don’t mean you have to be the epitome of health. Trust me, I am very much not. I just mean, don’t live off of instant noodles and takeaway, learn to cook some simple healthy-ish meals, that’re also cheap. As good as that pizza may sound, at 3am while you’re hammered, don’t buy it, it’ll just make to feel sluggish for the next couple of days, and cost more than it’s worth. Instead when you’re cooking your dinner that evening, cook an extra small portion, wrap it in cling film and leave it out with a cup of water for drunk you to come home to.


2. Don’t try to do all of Freshers…
I know most of you will probably come to university really wanting to be the person who goes to literally every Freshers event and enjoy every minute, but just don’t, it’s not worth it. Pick 2 or 3 of the events you’re most interested in and do those, you’ll save a ton of money and you’ll be able to function properly as a human before November and anyway there’ll be tons of events throughout the year that’ll be pretty much exactly the same but half the price. Also while ‘Freshers Flu’ exists, most of the time it just means you’ve burnt out 2 weeks into the year.

3. Take a day…
This is literally the thing I’m worst at, but take a single day each week where you don’t have to work and you just do something completely unrelated to your course. This can be literally anything, as long as it’s something, don’t spend all day in bed though, it won’t help even though it sounds like it should. This will help break up your week, and stop you from getting sick of your work.

4. Know your limits…
This will probably end up a recurring theme throughout any advice I write on here, but knowing your limits is important. Everyone is different, and just because person X is able to go out 5 nights a week, work 3 jobs and still do well in assignments, doesn’t mean you have to try and do the same. Be realistic and honest with yourself and decide on your priorities yourself, sticking to them no matter what pressures others are putting on you to go out every night.


5. Good sleeping habits are key…
One of, if not, the easiest bad habits to get into is sleeping all day and staying up all night. Lie-ins are great, but if you do it every day and over sleep you’ll feel so much more tired in the long run. Even if you’re nursing the worst hangover of all time to best thing you can do is get out of bed and do your best to carry on with your day. Getting up for those dreaded 9am lectures will be infinitely easier if you’re getting up at the same time every day and going to bed at a reasonable time. You’ll find you have a ton more spare time too.

6. Bonus tip…
The concept of not leaving assignments to the last minute, for a lot of people, is something that teachers have likely been trying to drill into you for the entirety of your education. One of the easiest ways to burn out is leaving all your assignments to the last minute in favor of a social life, and then having a mad rush to get them all in a week before the deadline, staying up all night just to get that extra bit you missed finished. There’s a good chance you’ll have access to most of your assignment briefs without the first couple of weeks, read them, and follow them as you’re learning throughout each unit.