Getting engaged at a young age…is it really a problem?




You’re Engaged?! But you are so young! If like me, you’re under 25 and engaged, chances are you have heard exactly that sentence above. But is it really such a bad thing?

Honestly, if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be engaged now, I probably would have said you were mad. But then again that can be said for a lot of things, owning a house, car, going to uni etc. They are all big life choices but eventually, you are gonna do one or more of those things.

So why is getting engaged at a ‘young age’ considered to be such a big deal? If anything, to me I feel its more that people are concerned that at that age you don’t know yourself well enough or that young marriages, statistically speaking, are more likely to end in divorce and I’ll openly admit that in some cases this is true. But it cannot be applied to all young couples. When you look at the society we live in, people grow up a lot faster now than they used to and I feel they also know more about themselves and where they wanna go with their lives and what they wanna do.

Especially with the amount of people who now head off to university every year. University makes a lot of people mature very quick especially if they are away from home like myself you have no choice, you’re responsible from that moment for so many things and that makes you grow up fast.



So why are people so concerned about young couples getting engaged? Financially speaking I can see why, looking at wedding venues from a financial perspective its a daunting prospect (trust me, you get so excited with a ring on your finger until you realise all the money you have yet to spend 😂)




But just because you are engaged doesn’t mean you are automatically getting married straight away (Or at all for that matter).

From my own personal experience the earliest I will be getting married is 2020 aged 22 and my partner would be 25. But with the constant rising costs of everything, chances are I will be around 25 minimum before wedding bookings and planning even begins 😂

However, why do couples decide to get engaged young? From my own personal experience,  it felt like the perfect moment but that had been because we were living together and had been for a long while. And in that time we had experienced a lot of things that, if not for university (possibly), we wouldn’t have experienced until much older. Things such as financial difficulties and later on illness.

When I say illness, I don’t mean like a cough or cold, I mean serious Illness. I ended up in hospital with an unknown (still to this day) Illness after being Ill for at least a month. My partner was by my bedside for the three days I was in hospital as well as caring for me before and after. Getting to the hospital early and leaving late, sleeping in the chair at my bedside etc (you get the picture). These are things that a lot of people under the age of 25 don’t really tend to experience directly with their boyfriend/girlfriend but me and my partner did and for us this really cemented our relationship. We just worked.

Being together is about supporting each other throughout everything including those experiences and for myself and other young couples I know who have also gotten engaged, when talking to them, they too have experienced similar things. For me I feel that these are things that mean people of younger ages are getting engaged. As I mentioned before university is one of these contributing factors, other engaged young couples I know either met before or during uni but all became engaged during university.

Overall, while it is a big deal and can be a very lovely memory, getting engaged at a young age personally, I don’t feel is necessarily a negative thing.

To any young couples out there who have recently gotten engaged or anyone thinking of proposing, here are my top tips;

Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just because someone doesn’t seem happy that you are engaged (family or friends) it doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy for you. If anything they are probably just concerned and want the best for you, they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they did maybe, or they don’t want you growing up too fast. This shouldn’t mean that you should call off the engagement or anything. Be grateful and respectful of their thoughts and concerns but also do what you feel is right by yourself. Reassure them that this is right for you by being mature and making conscientious decisions.  Its your life, only you can choose how you live it.

Always remember to take things at your own pace, just because the question has been asked and the ring is on your/their finger doesn’t mean you have to rush to get married. Its your big day at the end of it!

Lastly, never lose that excitement of your relationship. Being engaged opens up so many new experiences and opportunities for you to spend with your special someone, don’t waste those opportunities, but don’t worry about spending loads of money to have fun. Movie nights are just as perfect! Always keep that love alive.

Being engaged young isn’t the worst thing in the world, just make sure its the right choice by you. And don’t rush! Its all about loving each other and everyone else who is along for the ride.



Enjoy yourselves 😊