GBBO; Is new always better?

Bake Off is a much-loved treasure amongst most Brits. For some it’s a guilty pleasure which we keep a secret whilst we day dream about having those cakes for ourselves, for others, it’s a much-loved joy watched/ recorded and met with angst as to who will win this year!

It’s no hidden fact that last year after revealing news it was stated that GBBO would be moving to Channel 4 after Love Productions (the company that makes the show) receiving a much higher offer that the BBC couldn’t rise to.

So after the anticipated arrival, did the channel move affect the show too much? I decided to compare the two and find out what or if anything really has changed, or is it just the same show we all love just on a new network?

Visually it seems the biggest change is the title entrance is the biggest difference is the Ad breaks. It’s Channel 4 so it is bound to have this, but when you’re not used to having to wait for an extra 3 minutes it can get a little tedious. Especially when you can tell the tension is building…see the logo below appear…then Ad break.

The Great British Off--(None)_A2

Our much loved Mary Berry has left and decided to stay with BBC, so they had to find a replacement with Prue Lieth. Probably my most irritation from the recast, she doesn’t have the same charm as Mary, but maybe it’s just me. I just won’t be imagining her as my Soggy bottom baking Nan.


The layout is still the same with a Signature challenge, a technical and then the ultimate show stopper. Personally, I have always loved this format, so I’m glad that this hasn’t changed.

As much as I love Noel Fielding, I don’t feel he is natural yet. He just seems nervous but then much like any job it’s going to take time to adjust and prove yourself worthy of the role! I can’t say much about Sandi Toksvig as I don’t know much about the two, but between her and Noel it currently seems like a lot of forced chemistry. Whereas Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc were a comedy duo before they even came to the show, which (pun intended) showed.

Overall, that being said it is still the foundation of Bake Off and I am still happy it exists. Yes, it may not be the same classic show, but it still has baking goods and I would still love to have someone present me with all those cakes!

I’m sure given time it will fall into its own pattern, learning from mistakes and taking on board audience opinion. It’s always hard when you are trying to battle against expectation. But apart from fixing the missing raspberry in the opening title sequence, I hope they almost cut down to 3 ad breaks and place them after each challenge.


What do you think, do you prefer the Channel 4 adaptation rather than the BBC’s? Will Prue be your dream baking Nan? Let me know via Twitter!

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