Do You See Me?

When you think of someone that ‘looks depressed’ what do you imagine? Someone who looks like they haven’t slept or eaten in days? Someone who just doesn’t ever smile? Or someone who just mopes around 24/7, right?



If only it was as black and white as that, because then we would be able to help those people without them having to shout help to us mentally.

Truth is, most people don’t even know they’re depressed themselves let alone ‘showing’ you that they are. They will just go through periods where they don’t know why the thing they once enjoyed is just tiring to them now. Or why they can’t find the mentality to go out so the continuously cancel plans. Most depressed people actually manage to get dressed ‘nicely’ and be able to put on a smile and laugh at jokes. They’re able to still work hard, and get through the day. Depression isn’t as visible as a physical impairment, depression is difficult to see.


Yes, there are some warning signs that we can notice if we try to. But majority of the time, it’s the person that is the ‘craziest’ and laughs the most. It is the girl that can rock up looking like a goddess, or the guy that is the most popular in school.

Their depression lurks in their mind. It grabs hold of them when they get home and are about to sleep. It touches every thought they have, can they see I am hurting? Do they see me?

They hate themselves because they know that they have good things going in their lives, but something inside of them isn’t letting them be appreciative of it.

Things will affect them a lot more than you think, but it doesn’t mean they’ll advertise it all the time. Yes, there are some that are more open at showing it, but not all are.  They’re the ones that will push away anyone that tries to get too close. They’re the ones that believe vulnerability is a weakness and they must not show it. So they won’t.

We need to remind ourselves, that depression isn’t based on how we look. It’s an inner struggle, that we don’t always see. It’s a struggle that not all individuals suffering will voice.

See them even when they don’t want to be seen.