Geek in a Week: Week 4, Part 2 (Gotham Special)

Hi there and welcome back, this is your fellow geek correspondent Jac with this week’s Geek in a Week! We’re back with our countdown of the 10 characters that should appear in Season 4 of Gotham (It’s getting closer with every day) and this time looking at the characters who will more than likely reappear soon, or characters that I think should appear. If you somehow missed Monday’s post, be sure to read that one first before reading this article, as the characters you want to see may be on that list! Why don’t you let us know your thoughts on the show and tell us what characters you want to see this season! So without further ado, let’s get ready to break out of Arkham Asylum once more!


*Be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead;


5. Black Mask

Black Mask

Appearing already in the series as Richard Sionis, Black Mask is certainly someone who should be given the chance to return. The son of a wealthy family who owned a cosmetics company, Roman was forced to befriend a young Bruce Wayne as a child as his parents wanted to be seen with the Gotham elite. As an adult he was later CEO of the cosmetics company, which was eventually bought out by Wayne Enterprises. Roman created a wooden skull like mask from his father’s coffin and then became the head of the criminal underworld. Like I said Richard Sionis has already appeared in the show but in charge of running a fight club in his financial firm, he had a pretty good debut in Season 1 but was quickly killed off later on. Perhaps Richard was the father or uncle to Roman Sionis, and his tribal mask might inspire form to receive one of his own? With a great emphasis on the criminal underworld in Gotham, most notably with Carmine Falcone, it would be awesome to see Black Mask step into the ring and attempt to build his empire as he has never been seen live before.


4. Hush


Another one off character that’s already appeared, Hush is a classic batman villain that’s just waiting for his first live action appearance. Thomas Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Thomas, however, hated his parents and decided to kill them by cutting the breaks on their car, wanting to receive their wealth and become an orphan just like Bruce. Hush returned to stalk Batman in his later years, notably wearing a bandaged mask and specialised in facial surgery, including making himself look more like Bruce Wayne. His name came from the nursery rhyme “Hush Little Baby” as he could never be pleased, as well as attempting keep his identity “Hush hush” This was actually sung to him by Scarecrow who will appear this season, and now given Bruce has inherited Wayne Enterprises this could easily set up the creation of Hush later on. Having only appeared in Arkham City it may be due time for Thomas to return to the show and finally give him the live action treatment he deserves.


3. Two-Face

Two Face

Although we’ve seen Harvey Dent appear in Gotham as a regular character since Season 1, I reckon it won’t be long until this Gotham District Attorney will transform into his alter-ego; “Two Face”. Based from “The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” Harvey Dent was a well-respected Gotham official who was unfortunately abused as a child and developed schizophrenia later in life after a mob boss splashed acid into his face, turning him to the duelled face villain we all know today. When we last saw Harvey, he was looking to get Jim Gordon released from Blackgate penitentiary way back in Season 2, and has only been mentioned since. Somewhat forgotten in the series, Two Face could really shake things up for Jim and the GCPD, and could almost create a fallen angel scenario where a close ally has literally fallen into the dark side of Gotham, just like Edard Nygma. He could even be created from a shootout with the Falcone’s, or even straight from the comics with the acid in the courtroom scene. The downside is that it may be too early for his villainous side to appear especially, as he is a close friend of Bruce Wayne and i’m pretty sure the two have not met yet, and he hasn’t appeared enough in the series yet. Because of this we haven’t witnessed his breakdown or demise yet, although he has shown signs of anger management and young Bruce has gotten much older now and like many of the other backstories for the other characters, the show could be altered to be different from the past. Two Face is one of those characters that will appear it’s just a question of when, but be assured assured when he does, The underworld of Gotham will truly take form.


2. Red Hood/Joker

Red Hoods

Yes I know what you’re going to say; JEROME IS THE JOKER! I love the character of Jerome Valeska but technically he hasn’t been confirmed to be the Joker, or at least yet anyway. The true origin of the Joker has never been addressed, but many believe that the Joker was a failed comedian who took a job with a gang known as the Red Hood’s. The Joker was coerced to become the leader of the gang as Batman found them inside Ace Chemical’s Refinery. It is said Batman pushed the Joker into the vat of chemicals while other sources claim he fell as Batman attempted to save him. None the less, the man who would become the Joker became twisted as the chemicals bleached his skin and dyed his hair green. Now the origin of the Joker has changed with every story, but I feel the show has been teasing with Jerome and creating a classic misdirection for us the fans. The show has teased the existence of the Red Hood Gang and Ace Chemicals so I think they might be building up to the true origin, if they don’t use Jerome. Don’t get me wrong I love Jerome and his Joker like character is so much better than the one from Suicide Squad (Sorry!) and slightly more accurate from the comics., but he’s never been confirmed to be the character. Still it is confirmed he IS returning soon, so maybe it’s just a waiting game for Mister J to appear at the right time, maybe integrating the previous origins together?


Aaaaaand finally the number one character that I think should appear in Gotham is….


1. Joe Chill


After 4 Seasons I feel like it’s finally time that the show revealed the man who murdered the Wayne’s in an alley one fateful night. Personally, I think the mystery of the Wayne’s killer is getting old, and needs to be wrapped up pretty soon so the show can move forward. We all know the age old story of Thomas and Martha Wayne who were murdered in an alley behind movie theatre. Joseph Chilton or Joe Chill is the catalyst for the bat like vigilante’s debut to Gotham! He is the reason that Bruce Wayne became Batman. The comics say that Bruce’s hunt for his parent’s killer led him to the Court of Owls, which we saw in Season 3. The Court informed Bruce that they had not killed the Wayne’s, and the big conspiracy came to an end after Bruce found Joseph, just a common street thug and thief. We’ve touched on this mystery in the show but never had a distinct conclusion, which again I think should be wrapped up soon.



That’s all to report for now, but come back on Monday for your regular weekly news, as well as looking closer at Gotham in the coming weeks, as well as more geek and nerdy news and more awesome updates!

Until then this is Jac, signing out.