Starting a new job…

At some point in everyone’s life there comes a time where we have to look for a job and you have to interview/ trial shift to prove you’re a valuable asset to the company you are trying to become a part of. But what comes next, after you get the job…well this post will break down my top 5 tips for starting a new job.


Personally I have just started a new job front of house so a lot of these may relate to that, but that doesn’t mean these skills can’t be applied to other areas.

1. Offer to help wherever you can

This one may seem obvious but if you’ve finished a task then always ask what you can do next, that way it saves you standing around waiting for the time to go by and you can be helpful. Especially if there’s an event on and it helps if all hands are on deck.


2. Be kind to everyone you work with/ treat everyone else as you would want to be treated

At the end of the day, they are there to help you as much as you are there to help them. If you are friendly, they will want to be the ones that make you feel like a part of the team.


3. If you’re not sure of something just double check

You’re not going to be expected to know how to do everything and where everything is straight away. So the only way you’ll learn is if you ask, that way you’ll know for next time. This includes customer requests, as it’s always best to make sure so you don’t give them the wrong thing. It’s even better when someone else new starts you’ll be able to teach them the ropes just as you once were taught yourself.


4. If something goes wrong don’t panic

It’s all part of learning and every mistake lends did an opportunity to find out something you don’t already know, which may help you improve your performance straight away or given time. No ones going to punish you or make you feel bad as they understand you’re trying your best and you’ll pick things up as you go. Like I said you’re not expected to know everything from day one, so don’t feel surprised if you do mess up or you do need help. It’s fine to try yourself first, but there’s no harm in learning from others also but you have to be willing and open to hear what other staff members and people have to stay. At the end of the day they are just trying to help.


5. Remember to make time for yourself

Personally, this is something I am terrible at because I just want to help. For example, I had just done a 10 hour shift and someone couldn’t come in, so I offered to stay luckily I was told to go home as I had already done a long day but if I had stayed I wouldn’t have been in a fit state to work. Don’t feel guilty if you have to take a bath, be antisocial put on Disney movie and just forget the world for an hour or two. That way you can go in feeling refreshed the next day ready to take on whatever is thrown at you!


(Bonus) 6. Be kind even if a customer is wrong

Okay yes another obvious one, but you have to remember to smile and be polite. No one wants to have it pointed out to them they are wrong or appearing rude in front of the public eye. So it’s important to keep professional whether it be serving someone in person or on the phone. The customer is always right even when they’re wrong.


So there you have it, those are my top five tips on how to survive a new job. If you agree, disagree let me know via our social media pages. Do you like my advice, what else would you add?