Music News 07/09/17

Music in games is there to manipulate the way you feel, from connecting to the characters, to the trauma they are facing during a certain scene. Big games tend to use this feature a lot.. so why am I talking about games when this is about music…

Our highlights will focus on;
– Life Is Strange Prequel Soundtrack
– The Magic School Bus – Writer
– Taylor Swift introduces new track

Life is Strange Prequel Soundtrack;
Recently announced at E3 after the hit game Life Is Strange, an idie game produced by Naughty Dog and Square Enix came the much-anticipated Life Is Strange’ Before the Storm Presequel. The game was released August 31st, the game features music from the much loved British Indi Folk band ‘Daughter’!


The band has written an original piece titled ‘Burn it Down’. The collaboration is not much of a surprise considering in the release debut trailer Square Enix and Deck Nine chose to use their music throughout. The lyrics are said to be easily related to Chloe’s (the main character’s) personality. But considering Life Is Strange is celebrated for it extraordinary music choice, I for one cannot wait to get the second soundtrack to have it playing when I am in my daily daze.
See below to get a taste of what to expect musically over the next 2 episodes!

Taylor Swift Releases new track and more;
Recently we saw our Pop Country Princess take on more of a grunge and darker approach to her music with her sporadic off beat lyrics and taking hits at her old personalities as covered in last weeks Music News. So why is she in the news again, besides beating ‘Despacito’ with 84.4 million streams by going from 77 to number one in less than a week! She also has released a new song titled ‘…Ready For It’.

The song has a much lighter edge, even sounded more like the Taylor we used to love with darker Taylor coming in on the chorus. It seems she is wanting to have a more dance based collection and I for one am coming around to the idea.

And finally The Magic School Bus Returns;
Netflix (the much-beloved streaming service) has announced that is bringing back a childhood classic. But the reason it is in the news? They have now said that Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda is the one responsible for the new take on the old classic theme song. 

It is an upbeat rocky take on the classic theme, in my opinion, new is mostly always better (although we don’t talk about what they did to Bob the Builder…). I certainly trust Netflix to do this childhood classic right!

New album releases to look out for;
– Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold – September 15th
– Ringo Starr – Give Me More Love – September 15th

That’s all for this week, come back next week for even more music news. We’ll find out who’s number one and keep you informed of any headline worthy Music News! Do you agree with Daughter and Hamilton writing for these beloved pieces of art, do you think Taylor Swift is over rated, let us know!

As always let us know if you have any suggestions for next weeks Music News;