Out with the old and in with the new: Swap your liquid for powder foundation

Sick of having a heavy face full of make up? The days where it just slides off your face with one eye rub? Me too.

Especially in the summer months, wearing a liquid foundation can quite literally weigh you down. For some reason, if I’m hot, my face is even hotter because of the foundation on my face (could be just me.)

So, when I walked into the make-up section of Debenhams and had a browse, I decided to go for a trial using a powder foundation.


IMG_2606 copy

This is the smaller version of the foundation, accompanied by their amazing blending brush- the ‘Beautiful Finish’ brush. (Yes, this was taken on a train, I’m currently commuting to London everyday!)

I went to Bare Minerals (simply because I was recommended by a friend) and had a lovely young lady massage my face and apply their Original Powder foundation in Medium Beige.

And I loved it.

Admittedly, I do always find it looks better and lasts longer when you have it done in the shop, (they must have a magic touch or something) BUT now I’m hooked.

Because I wanted to try out a range of products, I got their starter kit, called Get Started Complexion Kit which was £39. This included the original foundation powder, a matte foundation powder, mineral veil powder, bronzer, prime time foundation primer, a brush and a make-up bag- a bargain I thought really.

After spending a morning before work trying everything out, Bare Minerals powder foundation is definitely now my go to.

It leaves my face looking lovely and matte (even for someone that has quite oily skin) and it seems to last me all day through work!

Alone a larger version of the Original foundation is £27- whilst this is quite a price (especially for a student) I really do think it’s worth it.

The warmth in the Medium Beige tone is just what I need at the moment what with having a slight tan, yet there is a large range of different shades to choose from for when that fades.

I also find building up this foundation is extremely easy so I can go for a natural subtle look or a fuller look if I’m going out- it’s multipurpose!

Also, what’s fab about it is that it seems to blend really nicely with any bronzer or highlighter that I use- even non-Bare Minerals ones.

I’ve found that I can mix the foundation in better so that instead of the contour sitting on top of the foundation is blends through to underneath.

I do have a confession to make however. And that is that I did pay an additional hefty price of £26 for their Beautiful Finish powder brush. I just couldn’t resist. When I saw what results it created on my blemished skin I thought, I just have to!

The way I see it, is that if I’m going to pay £27 for the powder then I need a decent brush to apply it. For me what brush you use is soooo important, especially for an even coverage.

Trust me, the brush is something else.

IMG_2605 copy

Again the lovely train scenery, featuring my amazing new Bare Minerals powder brush!


It’s got longer brushes around the outside of the head, with smaller dense ones in the middle. Using circular motions when applying the powder, leaves you with flawless and even results.

So, girls, if you fancy a change, something a bit lighter, but still with great coverage, head to Bare Minerals, and if you’re not sure, try out the kit I got- it definitely swayed me.