6 Basketball Jokes That Really Hit The Dunk

In case you didn’t know, I love basketball, everyone around me is constantly having to listen to me babble on about basketball related things, y’know like how the NBA is back like super soon!

It wasn’t always like this, I’m actually a fairly new basketball fan, my interest only sparked when I attended my first basketball game in January in London… (my team won! Yay!) and after finding when my team only just narrowly missed the playoffs last season, I was crying my heart out… it seemed to me like basketball was one of the things that really made me happy. So when you combine something that causes happiness with something that *should* make you laugh, you come up with basketball themed jokes!

I’ve been annoying my friend, Alan all day with selecting the very best to share with you guys!


Q: Why do basketball players like cookies?
A: Because they dunk them

If Shaquille O’neal was a shade of blue he would be Shaquille O’teal.

Q: Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team?
A: She ran away from the ball.


Q: What is an incredible story about a basketball centre called?
A: A tall tale

Q: Why are frogs so good at basketball?

A: Because they always make jump shots. 

And my personal favourite ever…

Q: What do you call a basketball player that misses dunks?

A: Alley Whoops.