5 PC Games I’m recommending

I’ve spoken about the Switch, I’ve recommended anime. Now I’m recommending games I’ve really enjoyed on PC. Please remember these recommendations are based on my opinions and games I’ve by far enjoyed the most. For this, I’ve picked games I’ve played on PC, so I might like certain games more that are on PC but I played on Console for whatever reason.

5 – Tales of Berseria

If I hadn’t already made it abundantly clear to everyone I know, I am a die-hard Tales fan. I bought an Xbox 360 just to play Tales of Vesperia and ended up burning through that game about 14 times and if it ever got re released on a new console then I’m more than happy to scale that up. When Tales of Zestiria was announced for PC and PS4 in 2015 I was excited, me and one of my closest friends who’s a huge Tales fan himself had a 10-minute phone call about how excited we were about this huge development, so when the game launched I was excited. The reason I’m not recommending Tales of Zestiria, however, is that after spending over £300 on that iteration of the series alone (PC Version, soundtrack, PS4 Collectors, Japanese PS3 Edition) I decided that in all honesty, I just didn’t enjoy it that much. It started off really strong but just ended up being really weak. So when Tales of Berseria also launched on PC I was fairly happy, only spending £40 on this Tales game after spending £300 on the last.

The irony of this situation is that Tales of Berseria was actually a fantastic game, I still have debates with people over if it was a full homage to the Tales series, the combat system whilst definitely holding the essence of Tales did feel somewhat closer to a hack and slash combat system as opposed to the fighting game esque style the games have been based on. But it was fun, the characters were fantastic and the story was amazing. Tales of Berseria will often sit in my heart.


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4 – Orcs must die 2

I love tower defence games, I never play enough but I really enjoy them. So when a close friend told me about this game we played it non-stop every weekend for 3 weeks, the game is a fun 3rd person shooter in which you also lay traps to kill enemies attempting to app- It’s a 3rd person shooter tower defence game. But it’s a lot of fun. I never played the first one so I can’t recommend that but if you’re a fan of Tower defence and like killing things, Orcs Must Die 2 is the game for you.

3 – Toontown Rewritten

One of the few games I played as a child on our awful windows 98 computer was Toontown, after 12 14-day free trials I gave up and forgot about it, there was no way I was going to convince anyone to give me the subscription fee every month to play it. It wasn’t until the end of 2016 when a close friend bought Toontown rewritten to my attention was I aware of what was in store. I didn’t play however until end of May this year due to being nervous about destroying my childhood nostalgia with what could be a terrible fan remake.


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I was not disappointed. The graphics are terrible, the animations barely work and the glitches are stockpiled (many of which are fixed with the recent 2.0 update) but it has been a fantastic experience turn-based MMO action. Fighting off the cogs and dressing my toon up to be increasingly creepy for my amusement has been a fun experience. We’ve currently paused just before we start our raids on the DA office (Lawbot HQ) and we have one more area to get to so I’m not done with this exciting experience anytime soon. Shout out to my toon crew!

2 – 100% Orange Juice

I love board games, some of the best fun I’ve had in recent years has been playing board games with friends, so when you give me a board game that I can play on PC where every action is 75% dependent on a dice roll, I’m going to eat that up. 100% Orange Juice is an anime themed board game in which your objective is to complete tasks, level up and win the game by either killing or hunting down stars, you can kill your fellow players, team up against the boss and thwack seagulls. Think you have a battle in the bag? Your evade will come out as 1 and you’ll lose half your stars! This game is fun, punishing and a fantastic experience and laugh to have with your friends. For a board game that only cost me £1.39 in a sale, I have over 50 hours in it.


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1 – Overwatch

Oh, boy, do I feel like I’m copping out with this one but I can’t lie. Overwatch is some of the best fun I’ve had on my PC in years. Overwatch if you don’t know is Blizzard’s 1st person shooter in which you and 5 buddies have to complete an objective in a PVP game mode. The game is fun, exciting and hours of fun. Even as someone who’s terrible at aim precision I can still find fun in the game as either playing as a healer or picking up a tank. The game is receiving constant updates and changes and whilst I don’t agree with all of them Overwatch is still my PC multiplayer game of choice. Even the story which is non-existent in the game and is told through YouTube shorts and various other medias has been something that’s interested me and many others across the game.


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To quote Overwatch’s loveable big ape: Are you with me?


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I’ve just realised each recommendation on this list is an entirely different genre of games if you have a game you’d like to recommend or want to discuss my recommendations with me then be sure to tweet us!