5 Shows to replace Game Of Thrones

Another season filled with death, incest and dragons has come and gone, and once again there’s nothing to talk about on Mondays. No theories, no tributes, just an hour long void. To make matters worse GOT fans, the next season isn’t set to premier for at least another year. So instead of spending the next 365+ days going mad about thinking about what is next for Jon Snow, here are five shows to watch in the meantime…

American Horror Story

Fox/FX September 5th

Source: FX

If you need to replace the so called, more sensual scenes, of Game of Thrones, look no further than Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s series. The horror anthalogy is now entering it’s seventh season, and hasn’t been shy in leaving you unable to look whoever you’re watching it with in the eye.

There’s been incest, beastiality and even sprectrophillia so far and it doesn’t look like the creators will turn it down anytime soon. Season five is by far the most erotic of the series, with star Lady Gaga revealing more of herself than when she turned up to an awards show in that meat dress. Meanwhile this upcoming season is set to focus on Donald Trump’s presidential win, and the effect it had on both sides of the political wings, including series stalwart, and secret crush of thousands, Evan Peters and his backwards Trump loving cult.

The best part of American Horror Story being an anthalogy series is that there’s no need to catch up on the previous seasons before looking to fill the GOT void with the upcoming episodes. However if you do want to check them out, they’re all currently on Netflix free to binge. If you do, watchout for standout performances from the now departed Jessica Lange, and heart stopping drama inside an Asylum and a hotel among other places.


Bojack Horseman

Netflix September 8th

Before you tweet me abuse for suggesting you replace one of the greatest shows of all time with a comedy about a cartoon horse, hear me out. Firstly the main character Bojack Horseman, played by Will Arnett, is not too disimilar from certain members of the Lannister family, given that he drowns himself with alcohol and meaningless sex.

Source: Netflix

The similarities don’t end there. Both shows are indredibly character driven in their make believe lands. You have Todd, played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, who is an adorably disfunctional lodger at Bojack’s apartment with genuine but misused intelligence. Alison Brie is Diane, Bojack’s biographer who sees the alcoholic horse in his worst states but still finds herself fighting feelings for him and ends up questioning everything about herself. There’s also Mr.Peanut Butter, a happy go lucky Labrador Retriever.

The animation allows the show to present beautiful scenery and comically good action. If you can’t be convinced of the shows class from me, just check out it’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes (Spoiler Alert: Season 2 & 3 are both rated at 100%). You will need to binge through the first three seasons in order to understand the upcoming season, but you will not regret it, with an underwater episode the highlight of not just the series, but TV in 2016.


The Walking Dead

AMC/Fox October 24th

Game of Thrones has carried the fantasy genre since it’s premier and become synonymous with swords and dragons, just as The Walking Dead has dominated the post apocalypctic genre and become synonymous with crossbows and zombies. The two have possibly the biggest fanbases for TV Shows at the moment, and each episode is a huge event every week. It seems a no brainer to become a walker stalker whilst Game of Thrones is on hiatus.

The upcoming season of The Walking Dead is set to be the most dramatic of all, with members of three communities uniting to do battle with the evil saviours and the trash people. There will be plenty of gore and there’s sure to be a lot of deaths on a similiar scale to the infamous Red Wedding. Not only can you replace the hour on Monday watching the show, the weeks between will go quicker with countless theories and analysis to be had over the hugely followed show.

There’s also a Tiger in it.

Source: AMC

The Punisher

Netflix October/November

Source: Marvel

Arguably the best actor from The Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal, has enjoyed nothing but success since leaving the show, and that looks set to continue with his role as The Punisher. Bernthal debuted in the role in Marvel’s Daredevil to critical acclaim, with his ultra violent style going down particularly well. It went down so well infact, that Netflix commisioned a solo series for the brute.

With 13 episodes set to focus on the man known as Frank Castle, there’s sure to be even more scenes just as brutal as the infamous prison brawl that introduced The Punisher in Daredevil. That coupled with Bernthal’s ever increasing dramatic talent, will make this show must watch. Netflix are yet to announce a premier with their heavy fall schedule proving challenging, so be sure to keep an eye out!

True Detective

HBO/Sky Atlantic 2018

Before Game of Thrones was HBO’s prestige show, there was True Detective. The anthalogy series premiered in 2014 to universal acclaim. Nic Pizzolatto created a perfect script and leading men Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson acted it out perfectly. The chemistry and tension between the two was absolutely immense. The dark storyline the two embarked on would make even the most hardened GOT fans wince.

However, season two featuring Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams couldn’t quite match the stratuspheric standards of the first season, and the show then went on hiatus. People (me) spent days, weeks and eventually years refreshing the IMDB page looking for news on a third season and over the summer our patience was rewarded.

A third season was finally announced with Nic Pizzolatto finally finding the inspiration and means to bring his show back to life. Moonlight star and Oscar winner Mahershala Ali was cast in the leading role and more parts are being cast as we speak. A premier date is yet to be announced, but late next year is looking likely, and the dark crime thriller should take you through right to the return of Game of Thrones.

Source: Hbo