Top 5 Things You’ll Need at Uni

It’s nearly time to go back to uni! So here are some tips!

Toastie Machine

My toastie machine has been a life saver! It’s been great for making really cheap lunches! I use mine a lot, to make tuna and cheese paninis, chicken and cheese and ham and cheese! There are so many options you can make, it’s good for everyday use!


Unidays is a great app! You get so much discount from so many places! My fave place to get discount from is McDonalds! You get a free hamburger, cheeseburger, mayo chicken or Mcflurry! Also, my uni has a 50% off code for Dominos, which is amazing!

Aldi/ Lidl

I live in Aldi. Cheap food and cheap alcohol, what more could you want?! I can do a weekly shop there for £20, which lasts me just over a week. My last shop has lasted me nearly 2 weeks! You will defiantly need an Aldi/ Lidl in your life!

Comfy Clothes

After clubbing you obviously don’t feel great the next day. Especially, when you have lectures to go to. So comfy clothes are an absolute must! I’m always wearing gym clothes or if I’m feeling really rough my trackies. If you’re going to be sat through a lecture for 4 hours straight you NEED to be comfy!

Family/ Friend’s Netflix account

There is nothing better than watching Netflix and not paying for it! I spend so much time watching Netflix! My favourite things to watch is How I Met Your Mother, Suits, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries and Originals!

What are you recommendations for starting uni?