Geek in a Week: Week 4, Part 1 (Gotham Special)

Hi there and welcome back, this is your fellow geek correspondent Jac with this week’s Geek in a Week! We’re only 2 weeks away from the premiere of Gotham Season 4, only 2 weeks to go! Of course i’ll be providing information about the episodes and the series in general, as well as other news in general that pops up. Since we’re so close to returning to Gotham City, this is going to be a special post of 10 characters that I think should appear on the show (this series or any future ones). So without further ado, let’s get ready to break out of Arkham Asylum!


This week’s headline news: Michael Cerveris cast as Professor Pyg in Gotham Season 4!,

So in the last couple of days, Gotham cast Michael Cerveris (from Fringe) as Lazlo Valentin, better known as the grotesque and disturbing “Professor Pyg”. Pyg is a deranged scientist that turns people into his Dollotrons, victims with masks sewn onto their faces in which the Professor transforms ans surgically alters heir faces, merely empty shells of the people they once were now helping the Pyg make everyone perfect in disown twisted vision. He has only appeared in animated episodes and more recently part of the Arkham Knight Game.

Professor Pyg will join fellow villains Solomon Grundy, Ra’s Al Ghul and my favourite for this series; The Scarecrow! These new roster of villains will of course join the Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Firefly, Hugo Strange etc and are just waiting for the chance to take on the Batman himself, but I feel there are a few more candidates who deserve this chance too. That is why I’ve compiled a list of 10 seen and unseen characters who I feel should appear or return to the new season or just after. This list will be split into 2 parts (part 2 will be posted on Friday) and I will create similar lists for Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Agents of Shield later down the line. Anyways let’s kick off this list!


*This list is devised from what I think is most likely to come true and is completely my personal opinion given the direction of the show and be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead;



10. The Terrible Trio

Terrible Trio

The last well known of batman’s villain’s on the list and unknown in general, The Terrible Trio are a group of 3 criminals known as the shark, the fox and the vulture. They use scientific gadgets to commit crimes and each member specialises in a specific environment; sea, land or air. Personally I think it could be unique showcasing these three criminals as so far they’ve only appeared in animated form. They could just appear as minor villains either Commissioner Gordon or Bruce to take down now that he’s becoming a vigilante, plus Gotham’s full of creeps and wackos so the masks would fit in in the show’s setting perfectly.


9. Calendar Man

Calendar Man

Becoming more well-known these days thanks to Rocksteady’s Arkham games, Julian Gregory Day is the Calendar Man, a villain who commits crimes specifically related to holidays and times of the year, he had a mental obsession with calendar’s which forced him to commit horrible crimes. Inside solitary confinement he was robbed of all daylight and could not tell at all what day or month it was. Batman has visited the villain inside Arkham many times to gain information on other serial killers that have used committed murders related to holidays as their motives. Appearing as a campier villain when he first appeared and even gaining the ability to be reborn every season in the latest line of comics, the middle versions of the foe would suit Gotham more as a sinister yet intellectual master planner like the villain straight from the games.As for the show, it would be neat if we could see an origin to the calendar crazed rogue, or maybe we see him as an already incarcerated prisoner? either Jim Gordon or Bruce Wayne could visit this calendar expert inside Arkham to gain information on a Halloween or Christmas related crime, possibly created by the Riddler or someone else?


8. The Ventriloquist & Scarface


Arnold Wesker was a meek and mild man, until a trip to Blackgate gave him a terrifying new friend and a brand new alter ego; The Ventriloquist! Whilst in prison for murdering a man in a bar fight, he thought he could hear his cellmate’s wooden dummy, named Woody talking to him in his sleep. Woody was made from the old gallows used to hang criminals, Woody convinced Wesker to break free from his cell and take him with him. Eventually tuning into a well-known crime boss and with the help of his new dummy now named Scarface, neither he or eventually Batman couldn’t tell if Scarface was actually alive. Only appearing in animated series’, this character would be really interesting to see as it’s never known who’s controlling who, and with the crime-esque backdrop of the show, the Ventriloquist and Scarface would fit in perfectly, perhaps challenging Penguin’s or Falcone’s criminal throne or maybe just simply the creation of the man who would be in control of a terrifying wooden dummy, or would the dummy be the one calling the shots?


7. Man-Bat


Man-Bat is a well-known but underrated villain that some people assume has already appeared in Gotham but the truth is he really hasn’t. Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a scientist who wanted to cure his deafness, in which he experimented on vampire bats to gain their excellent hearing. Eventually he could see perfectly in the dark and even the quietest noises deafened him, as his hearing became too sensitive. Eventually he mutated into bat like creature with supersonic vocal chords and giant wings, he was eventually restored to human form with the help of his wife Francine. However many villains have used his formula to create their own Man-Bat armies to terrorise he skies of Gotham. In series 2 we were introduced to Hugo Strange and his “freaks” this opened the door for many of Batman’s monstrous villains to appear, most notably Clayface. But did Man-Bat technically appear? Well in season 3, we saw a Man/Bat hybrid hanging out of a window so in a theory Gotham has already set the idea up for this villain to make his debut. I can see Man-Bat appearing at first to aid Jim Gordon and the GCDP out in a scientific related crime (perhaps created by Hugo Strange), then turning into the monstrous Man-Bat by accident. Plus this could give Bruce the inspiration to turn his costume from a man in a mask to the bat themed hero we all know today, as well as creating his fear for the winged creatures.


6. Dollmaker


A villain that’s similar to Professor Pyg, Dollmaker is a serial killer that cuts people into pieces and creates hideous “doll like” people from his victim’s limbs. Resembling a psychotic surgeon who wears a mask made of human skin, he has created his own family as well to do his bidding including Dollface the nurse, Sampson the Monkey, Bentley the Muscle and Jack in the Box the contortionist. You may be surprised to know that the villain Dollmaker has already appeared in Season 1 but with am altered name and backstory. In the show he was known as Dr. Francis Dulmacher and not as Barton Mathis, and he was in charge of a medical facility that harvested peoples organs for his own experiments. Even though he was called Dollmaker in the show he never really seemed frightening like his comic counterpart so it would be great to see him return. When we last saw Dollmaker he was supposedly killed as his island prisoners trampled over him. So is he dead or alive? If alive it would be cool to see him work for the newly added professor Pyg, maybe he has been hiding in the shadows for the past seasons, abducting more civilians for the Pyg all the while fixing his face with the scraps of human flesh?


That’s all to report for now, but come back on Friday for part 2 of my list where we’ll look at the characters that are almost certain to appear in the future as well as more geek and nerdy news and more awesome updates!

Until then this is Jac, signing out.