This crazy eyebrow trend is going wild on Instagram

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘making waves’ and that’s a good thing, however making eyebrow waves? I’m kind of on the fence about it, however it seems to be the latest trend circulating around social media with many people already jumping on the band wagon.

So how did this bizarre trend start you must be wondering? Was it someone who got bored of having ‘basic’ brows and just didn’t want sharp looking brows anymore? Well one of the beauty influencer’s was Promise Tamang, who saw a photo shopped picture of someone with squiggly eyebrows on their face. This must have triggered the wave of creativity inside her as she herself began distorting her brows – resulting in this interesting look:

Now do you see why I’m on the fence? It’s peculiar looking but make they look so symmetrical and kind of magical?!

According to Promise Tamang, all you need to achieve the brow look is some glue, concealer and eyeliner. Yup, no eyebrow stuff needed apparently!

First you apply the washable (of course) PVA glue so the hairs are flattened and then use concealer and setting or pressed power, if you have any, to hide some of the brow. After that’s all done, you just need to go in with the eyeliner, let your imagination go wild and then voila, your #wavybrows have appeared!

Still not liking what you see? Then here are some more squiggly brows for you to admire or detest at:

Soooo what do you guys think? Is this the most ridiculous trend yet or do you think it’s the next best thing? Let me know in the comments! If you want to look at my wavy brows then search up #wavybrows or #squigglebrows and I’m sure a whole trove of glorious brows will be waiting for you to discover.

See you in the next post!

Stephanie ~^^~