Top 6 Anime – Crunchyroll Edition

So I recently did my Top 6 Anime available on Netflix, so I’m now going to do my top 6 anime on Crunchyroll because I feel like that in my trilogy of Top Anime I should release the next saga! So here’s part 2 – Crunchyroll Edition. I’m going to make a rule that any anime in a previous top 6 won’t be here! Also if there’s a show here that’s also on Funimation Now it’s because I watched the sub first/only the sub on Crunchyroll.

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6 – 91 Days

91 Days is a gang anime set in the prohibition era in America. It follows the story of a young boy who is seeking revenge against the largest gang in the city for a crime they committed a long time ago. The anime is fast paced, action heavy and a really interesting story. The animation quality, however, is often found to suffer.

5- Erased

Erased is a fantasy, mystery and thriller anime about a young man with the ability to travel back in time after something horrific has happened and prevent it from happening. When the young man with this ability gets dragged into an age old murder case he gets transported right back to his days as a small child, there he must figure out who did it and prevent numerous killings. The anime is exciting, engaging and fun to watch.

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4 – Kagewani

Kagewani is a short 10 minute per episode anime about a man who hunts monsters and specifically the Kagewani – Shadow Crocodiles. What starts out as a cool monster a week anime ended up in a vastly interesting action packed show, this show due to its short nature goes under most peoples radars but I definitely recommend picking it up!

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3 – Parasyte

Following on from monsters is Parasyte, Parasyte is an anime about a parasitical invasion of humanity and a young man who fights with his Parasitewhom failed to get his brain and now resides in his left hand. They must fight against humanity and the parasites in this fast paced and exciting action anime. Also, the opening is killer.

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2 – Death Parade

What happens when you die? Who decides if you go to heaven or hell. Death Parade is an anime that looks into this decision in which people play games with each other to show the truth of if they’re good or bad. A thriller focusing on the human psyche and morals made this show an exciting an interesting watch. Also again, killer opening.

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1 – Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn is a fantasy about a young princess who is exiled from her country after watching her former lover kill her father. The anime then follows her as she tries to build forces to retake her homeland but she learns along the way truths she never thought she’d want to. The anime is exciting, interesting with well-written characters and an interesting narrative. I highly recommend this show for it’s interesting and exciting story.

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