I bought my sister’s back to school outfit (and she bought mine)

It’s the first of September today, which means, here in Belgium, everyone younger than eighteen had to take their backpack to go to school this morning. For me, I can leave my bag in the closet for a bit longer, since I’m only going back om the 18th of September. My sister on the other hand, starts her last year today. And such special occasion, asks for a special outfit, no?


Last week, she watched a Youtube video, which was called ‘My sister buys my back to school outfit’. I immediately received a message with a link to that video and the question if we could do the same thing. ‘Cause it would be cool for my blog, she said. Actually, she just liked to do it herself, and she just likes new clothes.


So that’s what we did. This week we went to H&M, we had a budget from €30 (about £28) to buy clothes for each other. We eventually didn’t buy any shoes, ‘cause that can cost a bit more, if you want good ones.

So, what did we get?

What I bought for her: DSC_0046DSC_0047

I went for quite a casual, comfortable outfit. I wanted a simple outfit, because I don’t think Ina would like to be stared at from the first day. I also wanted it to sit good, ‘cause after all, you do sit in a chair an entire day. The shoes she’s wearing she bought last week by Primark.


This T-shirt is a H&M basic. It’s a slightly oversized, bright red T-shirt which has a little bag. That way, it’s really comfortable but it looks cute, definitely when you wear it tugged in your pants. This was €9,99


When I saw these trousers, I immediately found it such an ‘Ina thing’. It’s a super comfortable trouser, but it still looks neat and put together. I guess this was a good choice, because she ordered these trousers in two other colours. These cost €14,99.


From Hema, I got her a pair of feather earrings. Normally they were €4,50, but now they were reduced to only €2. Lastly I also got her a matt lip cream but since that’s not clothing or accessories, I haven’t included it.

What she bought for me, This part was written by her:



I choose a more comfy autumn outfit. Because Eva only goes back to school mid-September (nope, totally not jealous) and the chances of 32 degrees are very low then. I did want to buy the outfit for myself, but that wasn’t really the intention…

The shoes she’s wearing are also from H&M.


The top part is a grey cropped sweater made from a thin material. It’s textured and has off the shoulder, long sleeves. Ideal for those autumn days where there is a little bit of sun. I paid €14,99 for this item.


The first thing I actually found where these trousers, I saw them immediately when I walked into the store. It’ s a basic black pair of trousers with a silver zipper at the side. I actually did take the same ones in a maroon colour with me, but we ended up picking the black pair. These also cost €14,99.


As you all know from this blog, my sister doesn’t wash her hair every day. So when on the third of forth day when her hair doesn’t fall that nicely anymore she wears it in a ponytail or a bun. So when a saw this gold metallic hair ‘elastic’ I had to get it. The price was €3,00.

So what do you think? Do you like mine and Ina’s back to school outfits? What would you wear on the first day of school? Let us know!