Velvet Crowe – Emotion and Reason

Okay, I’ve held out long enough. I’m going to talk about the Tales of series. I am going to start from the back with Tales of Berseria and just how well it handles tragedy and despair and whilst on the surface Velvet may seem like another typical edgy character but actually as you play and go through the game she’s actually a very well done 3 Dimensional character who went through a horrifying event and is incredibly realistic for it. Major spoilers by the way.


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Velvet Crowe suffered a tragedy. She watched her brother in law stab her brother and kill him, she lost her sister a few years prior and ended up as a monster. Locked up for five years on an island killing people who had turned to monsters she became the edgy angry person she starts the game as. After spending 5 years in isolation in a small cove killing people you’d probably want to hold on to something to keep you sane, Velvet chooses her anger for Artorious to keep her sane.


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When she’s finally able to escape she begins her hunt for the man who killed her brother and imprisoned and betrayed her, remaining incredibly closed off and isolated. Her character in these places to some may seem just a bit boring and 2D but the game does an incredible job of making her emotive and actually incredibly realistic. When Laphicet is going to fall off she remembers how it happened to her brother and screams from fear of it happening. She also often shows signs of humour and as the quest goes on she begins to feel more human, simply driven with a purpose. Her anger is to some obviously a coping mechanism, a way for her to be able to deal with everything that’s happened to her and remain sane.


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This theory of her using it as a coping mechanism is confirmed when the game reveals that her brother was reborn as a god and Artorious wants to remove peoples emotions to stop malevolence happening. Her reason for being angry is twisted further when she finds out that her brother wanted to die. He chose to be Arthur’s sacrifice. She breaks down, unable to continue as her coping mechanism can never work. Laphicet thankfully breaks her out of it and reminds her that she has done so much for him out of kindness that she’s hidden behind this facade to keep herself sane, he explains to her that in actual fact she is a kind person. She realises, the facade drops and she confesses what’s been so obvious to everyone paying attention to her: She loved them all so much and they hurt her so much. The betrayals, the imprisonment. It hurt coming from people she’d loved so much.  In a scene just after she explains to Melchior that despite realising that her quest was for nothing she’s going to carry on, not out of anger for Artorious actions to her brother. But out of anger of how Artorious and her brother treated her after she’d put so much care into them. The game’s slogan of “a tale of emotion versus reason” is actually very prominent and shows us how we’ll often have feelings or thoughts that aren’t logical, that we may often have contradictions in our thoughts to what is logical and how that’s actually completely okay.


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In conclusion, Tales of Berseria’s Velvet Crowe is a well written character on how despair and loss can be a huge and dramatic change in your life and perception of people and shows that whilst some characters may simply feel like archetypes and poorly written cliches that if you look closer they can actually be interesting and engaging characters with well-written designs.

Thanks again for reading, I thought I’d try doing something different and analyse one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games this year! Feel free to tweet us your thoughts on this article!