Review: I Heart Make Up Molten Chocolate liquid lipstick


I won’t deny that I was way too happy when I saw that my local drugstore had a I Heart Make Up stand. Let’s say I was standing in front of it for quite a while, looking at everything they had. Eventually, I did take some of their products home, one of them was the Molten Chocolate liquid lipstick in the colour Salted Caramel.


The packaging makes it look like a really beautiful, a brown pink-y nude shade, I loved it immediately. I have to say it was a bit of a struggle finding it, ‘cause someone had put the testers in the wrong place and the colour name is nowhere on the tube, you can only find it on the little box. I would have been a lot easier if they had just put it on the tube.



The applicator is an angled sponge, which is on top of the tube. Through the hole in the middle, the lipstick comes out and then you just smear it on your lips (duh). Personally, I think I prefer the normal ‘lip gloss applicator’.


The tube is just made from that squishy plastic, nothing special. This product is supposed to be a super intense liquid lipstick which contains nourishing vitamin E and smells like chocolate. Promising…


Let’s try it out!


I have to say, the colour looks a lot more coraly pink than the packaging would suggest (I didn’t test it in the shop), but it’s still a beautiful shade. It does really smell like chocolate. Chocolate mousse to be exact, the lipstick dries semi-matte, but you to have to bring on a thin layer, otherwise the lipstick won’t dry.


Now on to the lips. The product sits quite comfortable on the lips, it doesn’t feel drying. As I said, it doesn’t look super matt, but that’s okay, it’s more velvety. As I already thought, I didn’t really like the applicator, but that’s personal preference. I must say this lipstick isn’t super long-wearing, the colour fades quite fast and tend to sit in the lines. But never the less, it’s still a beautiful product, you just have to touch it op from time to time.

Eva x.