My Disneyland Kitchen; Attempt 1

We’ve all laughed at the Pinterest before and after posts, some questioning how could a mutation that bad happen. Well, prepare to laugh again as I take you through what happened when I baked my version of Disneyland Breakfast pizza as promised for a family dinner (every evening I cook for my mum and brother, but this time I decided to treat them or so I thought).

The ingredients I had to hand;

– Plain flour
– Easy Yeast
– Green Pesto
– Pancetta
– Scrambled Eggs
– Mature Cheddar


I started by putting flour, yeast and warm water into a bowl then started to mix. Compared to the videos I had watched my mixture was quite wet, but I persevered and let it prove for 2 hours before continuing.


When I came back to it, luckily it had doubled in size ready to start attacking. I floured the surface and poured the (still wet) mixture out with my fingers ready to dive and kneed (what I really “kneeded” was a new mixture…). My fingers were covered in flour and dough, I looked like I was becoming a Ghost from Ghost Busters or keeping to the Disney theme Elsa in a swirling storm. There was flour not only on the surface but all over my arms, my clothes and the floor. All to help cement the dough ready to give it that real pizza shape.


I divided it into two (making a great backup pizza should this one not go down well) and began rolling it back and forth feeling like I was in a child Pizzeria cooking class. Once I had gotten a circular shape I cut chunks of cheese to form a stuffed crust, because cheese, eggs and bacon is a match in heaven…Right? I spread Green Pesto on the base (my substitute for Green Salsa) and cooked the scrambled eggs and topped cheese. Ready to go in the oven and hopefully become a recipe for success or in this case a recipe for Breakfast.

Stuffed Crust

After 40 minutes in a slightly terrible fan oven, it was ready. Although it hadn’t browned it had fully cooked and was ready to be served. Upon presenting it to my mum and brother although intrigued they were not fussed, they didn’t believe that eggs worked on a pizza. After tasting it they concluded it was probably the worst thing I had ever cooked and we’re both relieved when I had made a second pancetta, tomato & Garlic, pepper and onion pizza with a stuffed crust. The end result was that only I had eaten my slice, although both pizzas were made similar ways I feel it was the base that let my breakfast pizza down, it was too thick and was like a solid rock, that not even or cutlery wanted to face.

The Perfect Disney Pizza Source;
2 Pizzas
Recreation Disney Pizza

In future maybe I should just plan my trip to Disney and then taste how the professionals make it. If you have had better success in your baking from using last weeks recipe, then let us know via our social media. We’d love to hear from you!


Come back next week when I tackle The Monte Cristo Sandwich…hopefully this one will be a sizzling success!