Geek in a Week: Week 3, Part 1

Hi there and welcome back, this is your fellow geek correspondent Jac with this week’s Geek in a Week! There hasn’t been many huge announcements this week, that there’s still plenty to talk about! This post in particular we’re looking at Thor, Things, Titans & Thunderbirds, without further ado let’s grab a our worthy Mjölnir and protect Asgard!

Be warned there maybe some spoilers ahead;

This week’s headline news: Posters posters posters! New images for Thor: Ragnarok, Inhumans, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle & Stranger Things!



First of all is a new stunning poster from Thor: Ragnarok which is only 2 months away and honestly I can’t wait any longer for the last film in the MCU this year. I haven’t particularly enjoyed the first 2 instalments of the Thor trilogy, which i’m not saying the’re bad but compared to other solo films they’ve just come off as weaker compared to the rest. But this all chages with Ragnorok as it looks like a new take on the final chapter for the Thor franchise, taking 2 of the greatest stories in comic history; Ragnarok and Planet Hulk. Thor and Loki are going head to head as they’re going to have to work together to save Asgard, with old and new friends such as Loki & Valkyrie from The goddess of death Hela and the watchful eyes of the celestial Grandmaster. We also have a better look at Heimdall played by Idris Elba, who we haven’t seen too much of yet in this film maybe because there’s a greater plot afoot? w’ll have to wait until 26th October to find out who will win in Thor: Ragnarok!

Now for our first look at some new character posters, firstly for Marvel’s newest royal family; The Inhumans!

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In the slideshow you can see a closer look at the new characters from the Inhumans series coming on 1st September (Only 3 days away) Here we have our heroes Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton 7 they’re famous pet dog Lockjaw, and the evil renegade Ramsey Bol… Sorry Maximus the Mad! We’ve only had a few glimpses of these characters but here’s the best look at them so far, as well as the roles they’ll be playing. Seen only briefly in The Agents of Shield series, Inhumans tells the story of the powerful King of the Inhumans; Blackbolt. But when the family is divided by politics and war, they escape to Earth where only they can find the answer not only to save heir home, but themselves.


Now it’s the turn of the most secretive of agents or more bluntly; Some great new posters for the cast of Kingsmen: The Golden Circle!

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These posters look so cool with great poses from the agents as well as their gadgets shown behind them. Kingsmen really blew me away and now as the sequel draws ever closer, and it looks like they’ve really stepped up their game! This time around we’re going state-side, as the British Kingsmen take on the American Statesmen! Eggsy, Roxy and Merlin are back and are now joined by Agents Champagne, Whiskey, Tequila and Ginger Ale, facing threats from the sweet looking Poppy and the a far fetched plot featuring the return of Harry Hart? Expect more gadgets, gizmos and guns as we see the next instalment of this epic rags to riches spy tale! Kingsmen: The Golden Circle is released in cinemas on 20th September 2017!


And finally the last posters takes us back to the Upside-Down, as more character posters have been released for Stranger Things!

Upside Down.jpg



The first new poster gives us a creepy, eerie look at the upside-down, taken inspiration directly from the original poster from Alien, and it looks cool as heck! Dare you to go back to the Upside-Down on your own?

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And we get some cool new posters for for Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Eleven, Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Joyce, Chief Hopper who all return for the second season of the smash hit that came out last year, only this time joined by two new characters; Billy & Max. Expect more 80’s nostalgia, paranormal happenings and Eggo waffles this season while promising us more monsters sand even more stranger things… get it? And you thought the Demogorgon was bad?


Now onto my favourite thing to write about; superhero castings! And this time it’s Starfire who has been cast in live action Titans series!


All hail princess Koriand’r of Tamaran! or at least Anna Diop as she’s now going to portray Koriand’r aka Starfire on the live action DC Titans series premiering in 2018! Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamaran and has the abilities to fly, become super strong and throw her starbolt projectiles, and also the eventual love interest of original Robin Dick Grayson, which we’ll probably see develop over the series. The Teen Titans have been in lots of different media over the years, (my favourites being the animated 2003 series and most recently the animated movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) so a live action debut is about time. Diop already joins Teagan Croft as Raven as well as unknown castings for Dick Grayson and Beast Boy the titans seem to be shaping up, though it is unknown if this version of Dick will be Robin or Nightwing. Will we see other popular characters in the series such as Cyborg, Kid Flash or Terra? or what about villains such as Deathstroke and Mad Mod? we’ll have to wait until next year!


Now we’re heading over to Gotham with another sneak peak at season 4, including the first look at Bruce Wayne’s new batsuit! Fox has revealed a new teaser for Gotham, this time returning on Thursday 28th September instead of Mondays. So let’s have a look at the coolest new batsuit that has ever been seen on TV!

Okay so it’s not really a batsuit, merely a prototype as this version of Bruce has literally just started the whole vigilante business (we’ve been waiting for this since the beginning and it finally happened at the climax of last season). The suit is basic black with leather armour and mask, which will probably be modified to look more like a traditional batsuit in years to come. We also get a look at a terrifying scarecrow creature;  my guess is this the effect of the fear toxin being used on a poor victim, which shows us that this Scarecrow isn’t messing around! Again Scarecrow has been teased since the beginning and now that he’s finally taken on the mantle himself is just awesome, and I think this will be the best if not terrifying version of the Scarecrow so far. The only other things that are shown in the trailer is Jim’s struggle to take down the Penguin, who’s now almost taken over the city piece by piece, all from his famous bar and nightclub, The Iceberg Lounge.

Aside from that we’re shown the return of a few old faces, as we see Victor Zsaz, Selina Kyle, Ivy Pepper, Edward Nygma & Tabitha Galavan who I expect to see a lot of this series, as almost all of them have now transformed into their villainous alter ego’s. We already know that this season will be exploring Ra’s Al Ghul and Solomon Grundy, but it’ safe to assume we’ll see the return of some old favourites, including Mr Freeze, Firefly, Mad Hatter, Red Hood and of course Jerome himself. Expect to see some more coverage as we get closer to the return date ever so soon!


Finally,  A new trailer has been released for the second half of series 2 for Thunderbirds Are Go! Okay okay I will admit this; I love Thunderbirds especially the new series, as it does recapture my love for the classic puppets in a new modern format (Not to mention the special effects are insane, check them out seriously!). When we last joined international rescue, the hood had escaped with the help of the mysterious mechanic, who we still have no idea who it is yet so hopefully all will be revealed? All we have learned so far is that the mechanic is under employment of the Hood and has a unknown history with Brains. Maybe he is something to do with the disappearance of Jeff Tracy, as this was covered briefly before the mid season break? With that said, let’s look at the trailer;

It’s a short teaser but still gives us a lot to look at, as we have some more dangerous missions, such as a lava, parachute, oil rig and a mountain side monorail rescue. Oh and giant lizards, enough said. In all seriousness this could be a throwback to when International Rescue encountered alligators in the original series, so that’s pretty cool. The final thing to note in this teaser is that the Hood takes on the Mechanic, whether this is due to a falling out or will the two villains will turn on each other? Thundebirds Are Go! returns in September.


That’s all to report for now, but come back on Friday for more geek and nerdy news and some more awesome updates!

Until then this is Jac, signing out.