Comedy Duo Mitchell and Webb are reunited in new comedy sitcom!

Peep Show’s El Dude brothers are quite literally Back on our screens once again after the first trailer was revealed for their new show. David Mitchell plays as failed lawyer and divorcee; Stephen who returns back home to take over the family pub after his father passes away. During the funeral, his mother’s former foster son Andrew (Robert Webb) makes a surprise appearance – causing Stephen to quickly believe Andrew is trying to ruin his life…

Twitter Screenshot Webb and Mitchell
Source: Twitter Simon Blackwell

I was introduced to Peep Show by my boyfriend and I couldn’t really get into the show so I stopped watching after the first episode. However, he continued and because it was always on the TV I just ended up watching random episodes, and you know what? It’s actually the most realest and brutalist series I have ever watched and I could totally imagine everything happening in real life. It was actually quite funny! In the end I made him watch it all over again from the beginning (he’s already seen it three times) and man is it a good show!

If you were like me and have never seen any of Mitchell and Webb’s collaborations then I do recommend Peep Show for you to watch and also there is also The Mitchell and Webb Look – another comedy show that they have made. I haven’t watched the entirety of it but if you have heard of ‘Number Wang’ or ‘Ooo and that’s a bad miss’ then this is where they originated from!

Peep Show Channel 4
Source: Channel 4

The show is being filmed in Gloucestershire and is written by Emmy-award winning writer Simon Blackwell known for Peep Show, Veep and In The Loop.

It has been announced that Back will be premiering on Wednesday 6th September at 10PM on Channel 4– so for now, check out the trailer!