5 Things Psychologists Have to Deal With

I have studied Psychology since the age of 14, and now I’m heading into my third year at University, studying, you guessed it, Psychology.

Psychology students have to deal with a lot of different questions about their area, and a lot of them are asked as a result of a wide-spread ignorance about the subject. This is understandable, with it being a lesser known science, and a subject that isn’t available to everyone; leading onto Number One…

Number One;

Psychology isn’t a Real Science.

SOURCE: http://www.dreams.metroeve.com/test-tubes/#.WaGH8YWcGhc

Psych students hear this a lot. Physics, Biology and Chemistry students are the most likely to accuse Psychologists of practicing a pseudo science. However, according to trusty Google, science can be defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” Psychology’s contribution to the field of scientific study, and man kind is huge, and we our society, how we learn, and how we function would likely be massively different and archaic, if it wasn’t for Psych.

Number Two;

“Can You Read Minds?”

Professor X (Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox) SOURCE: http://wersm.com/facebooks-secret-mind-reading-hardware-to-be-announced-at-f8/

No. No, we cannot. The amount of times Psychologists, and Psychology students are asked this is surprising. Whenever you’re asked what you study, and you answer, “Psychology,” its likely to be the first response, being a joke or not; which gets old quickly. “Yes, I can read minds, I’m just not getting any signal.”

Number Three;

Psychologists are Crazy

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straitjacket

Well, yeah, we must be crazy, to voluntarily deal with other human beings on daily basis, and subject ourselves to silly jokes and questions.

Number Four;

APA Format

SOURCE: http://www.dfwbeautyguide.com/blog/2017/3/8/dfw-beauty-guide-10-ways-stress-is-written-all-over-your-face

Now, everyone likes a well formatted document (I know I do), but when the formatting is so different to everybody else’s, it becomes rather difficult to ask for help from fellow students. APA is so different to Harvard, that they’re basically two different languages. Don’t ask me to proof read your Harvard References, I don’t speak Klingon.

Number Five;

Our Futures

SOURCE: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/explore/graduation-cap-clipart/

The field of Psychology is so extensive, that most graduates don’t know half of the professions they can join. A big misconception of psychology, is that its only useful for teaching Psychology, or Counselling. While these are both great professions, not everyone wants to do that, and it can put off prospective students from joining the subject. Psychology offers many career paths into health, law enforcement, business, education, and even retail. For a supposed pseudo science, Psychology does offer a hell of a lot.