5 Game of Thrones style tattoos

We all love Game of Thrones, some people love tattoos check out these amazing tattoo designs all in the style of GoT! Just we all need to keep us going until the finale!


  1. Matching tats? Yaaass Queen! Also makes us miss Jason Momoa but don’t worry he’ll be Aquaman-ing his way back into our lives pretty soon!

    Source: Pinterest


2. Holy mother of Dragons! How gorgeous is this? So tempted to get this!!

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3. Hm, these eggs would look great on a back! or arm, or leg, or anywhere! What do you think?

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4. This one’s just a sketch buy how lush would a watercolour tattoo of this be?!

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5. Finally, live big with this epic back piece! I don’t think i’m brave enough but good luck to anyone that is!

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If you have any favourites from the above or if you have your own Game of Thrones tattoo, tweet us @WWW_Writers