Suits – Will Mike Leave/ Get Fired?

For those who like lawyers, drama and the risk of getting caught in a lie will love Suits. This long running show still has some life left in it, despite what other fans may think. Of course, this is a spoiler warning, so it goes without saying if you’re not up to date I suggest you pause reading and go binge watch what you’re missing.

In the last episode we saw what finally happened with Alex and the prison case, in short, he was set up so it looked like he orchestrated the whole thing. And Harvey had to choose who to screw over. Alex, the long friend who once put everything on the line just to have Harvey work with him ready to take Brad & Gould by storm. Or Mike, their history is just too long to put into words but short version; Mike went to prison for being a fraud so they would stop chasing Harvey.

With the series focusing on Mike now being a legal lawyer (…even if obtained illegally) and his time in Prison and Jessica having now left and given the reigns to Harvey, it is easy to assume that at the end of this season Harvey is going to fire Mike. Why can we see this happening? Well, let’s look at the facts;

  1. They keep teasing Mike getting fired.
    By pursuing the Prison case that Harvey has told him to drop several times due to multiple reasons such as representing the opposing client, the episode will usually feature the line “Harvey might fire you” after Mike goes against what he is told.

  2. Oh, how times change…

  3. Harvey gave his word to Alex.
    In this weeks episode, we finally found out why Harvey owes Alex so much. Harvey once gave his word to Alex but then broke it when he decided to stay at Peiceson Specter. When he did tell Alex, he made him a promise that he promises to stand by Alex when he will need it most. So what happens when Mike keeps going and Harvey has to choose Alex over Mike.
  4. The last episode was a flashback to when Harvey almost took another job because he wasn’t getting the respect he wanted… What if Mike gets offered a job from Brad & Gould and Season 8 is about Mike VS Harvey in court.
SUITS -- Episode 112 -- Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

All of this is just speculation of course and the whole point of the show is just to sit and watch but one thing is for sure as long as Mike, Harvey and Donna are on my screen I’ll keep watching.

If you have any theories or have any reason why you think Mike won’t leave the firm, let us know.