Stress-free friendships: here’s how!

For me, there’s two types of friends, there’s different variations of said friend types but ultimately it all folds down to two. One will give you so much more stress than the other, but ultimately… is it worth it?

We have;

The high-maintenance friend… 

This is the type of friend that always has to be there to actually feel like your friends, probably the friend you see most regularly and always seems to be popping round for a chat, even though they don’t have anything new to say and nothing’s really happened in either of your lives for you to talk about. You’ll regularly find yourselves relaying old memories just to pass the time or watching movies and not talking at all. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my friends to pieces but some friends really do require more work than others, it’s just inevitable.


Also may include the “needy friend” the one who calls you at really inconvenient times during the day? Or the one who texts you every few days asking the same “hi how are you” text that you’ve not replied to a million times before because literally nothing in your life has changed. This friend also prioritises themselves, everything is about them and their life always seems to be that much worse than yours?  Toxic my friend… this is probably where a mountain of your stress comes from and you’ll notice the difference if they go somewhere without internet or signal for a while ~and breathe.~


The low-maintenance  friend… 

Not only is this my favourite type of friend, but it’s my favourite type of person too! I’m lucky that my friends and me have a relationship that we don’t have to talk everyday, that we don’t have to know every detail of each others lives to feel included, we just need to know that each other would be there for each of us if we needed them.


You’ll get that “I miss you” moment every now and then but you don’t need the constant need to be in constant contact with this kind of friend.

I find that my high maintenance friends cause so much more stress to my life than I can handle most of the time, especially those that message people closer to me, like my sister or boyfriend, to get them to message me… please.just.stop!! 🙏🏻


So this kind of situation is very similar to the toxic people situation, as sad as it is? Maybe it’s better without them in your life. Stress from friends really doesn’t help your life when you’re stressed yourself, especially if the friend is the kind that constantly relays their life problems and never listens back.

(images used in text don’t refer to specific areas they’re placed…🙄😂)