Pre, During & Post Interview

There are many struggles in job hunting, one of which is interviews! And interviews are so daunting! So, I have decided to compile some helpful tips for pre, during and post interview! I hope they help.


Research the company!
I believe this is important, as when going in for an interview, especially for a big corporate, they look for candidates that are eager to work there. Why hire someone that doesn’t care? You wouldn’t. Therefore, if you research the company it shows that you are eager and use your initiative. This is two points to you!

Dress smart
I know this is probably common sense to most, but trust me I have still seen the odd few ‘slackers’! It is always good to dress smart and look respectable. This shows you take care of yourself, therefore you would take care of the role as well. A slacker in dress sense can’t exactly be motivated in their role, right? Therefore, tuck that shirt in, brush your hair and put on those fancy shoes! It’ll be worth it.

Re-read through your application
This may sound like a stupid idea, I mean you applied right? So why do you need to re-read it? Sometimes re-reading it will allow you to feel at ease when in the interview, because it will prompt you to think of other things you could bring into the interview. Allowing you to ease up a bit and not be so anxious!

Have a balanced breakfast/lunch
This will ensure you are alert, and you will avoid the awkward tummy rumbles during the interview. Good food also ensures you are able to concentrate and so you will be more relaxed and thinking clearly during the interview

Get a good amount of sleep
The last thing you want to do is go into an interview feeling groggy and tired, and even looking so! You want to wake up refreshed and go in alert and ready! So, go to bed early and sleep well! It’ll be worth it the next day, trust me!

Leave plenty of time!
Leave plenty of time when leaving for your interview, you never know what may go wrong! You may forget your phone, you may get stuck in traffic! You never know! So, leave plenty of time. It’s not the end of the world if you arrive early, but it’s not the best impression if you arrive late!


During the interview

Avoid fidgeting
Fidgeting shows you are nervous, and that may cause you to also stumble on your words. You need to seem calm and collected, as this shows you work well under pressure, because interviews are just that, pressure! So, breath before you go in, avoid fidgeting and focus on the situation at hand.

Ask questions
It is always good to ask questions during an interview. Not just about your pay though, ask about the company and your role. This shows you are eager, and want to explore your possible role so you have a better understanding. If need be, prepare them before your interview so you don’t kick yourself post-interview because you just remembered a good one to ask!

Smiling is good! It shows you have a positive attitude and aren’t all miserable. This attracts employers a lot, as it shows you are welcoming.

Don’t treat it as strictly questions and answers
Avoid the monotone process of giving straight forward answers in an interview. This is very dull and boring and won’t make your interview stand out! Make a conversation out of the questions, give examples, talk about the interviewer as well! Relax. This will leave a lasting impression and you will stand out!



Post interview we all have a habit of getting anxious about whether we got the job or not. Truth is, we can’t do anything about it anymore. The interview is done and dusted, and we can’t go back in time and change it. What we can do is keep our options open. Don’t stop applying or miss out on other opportunities because you are waiting for that one employer to get back to you! Keep looking, and keep your head up. You never know, you might come across something better whilst you were waiting.



If you have an interview coming up in the near future, good luck! I hope these tips help you!