Game of Thrones: An Icy Theory


Spending 90% of my life overthinking everything gives my brain plenty to do, especially when it comes to Game of Thrones. After seeing a comment on some random Facebook thread about there potentially being an Ice Dragon under Winterfell, this possibility has been plaguing my mind ever since.

I’ll start this theory by assuming that Viserion is not an Ice Dragon but a White Dragon. In the books Ice Dragons are described as larger than the dragons of Valyria, and made from living ice. They’re able to instantly freeze people with their breath, a complete polar opposite to the regular dragons that we’ve seen so far.

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Bran the Builder, founder of House Stark, allegedly built the wall approximately 8000 years ago to defend against the North. Now it can be assumed that for this to have been possible that magic must be involved somehow. Given the Ice Dragons essentially have frost breath there is a distinct possibility that Bran somehow tamed one and used its breath to create wall in its entirety. If he then used magic to bind the wall and keep it in place if that magic was somehow bound to this Ice Dragon, which could be slumbering under Winterfell, or even in the wall, then if the wall was brought down then the dragon would wake up.

Now it seems fairly obvious to me that at some stage, probably the season finale, that the Night King will bring down the wall, probably using Viserion. This could allow for the Ice Dragon to be awoken and controlled by the King of the North, Jon Snow, who we know has both Stark and Targaryen blood.

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While I don’t really think that this is very likely to happen, I think it would be cool and significantly less of a copout then making it so Jon rides one on Daenerys’s dragons, as has been theorised will happen for the last couple of years.