4 Daenerys Targaryen Fan Theories

Spoilers ahead people.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Daenerys Targaryen potentially ending up as a Mad Queen. The show has moved on from then, an awful lot has happened, an awful lot has changed, and, with the finale coming, I thought I’d do a little followup to that post. It was something I was always planning on doing because, well, I couldn’t just leave an accusation like that hanging could I? Besides, the show is so intricate, so filled with potential story-lines, that it becomes incredibly enjoyable to try and predict what will happen. There have been a lot of theories about what is going to happen to the Dragon Queen and I’m going to try and, realistically, give my opinion on where I think this season will leave her. I’m going to look at four different theories and what I think they mean for the season finale.

1. Will she die?

Game of Thrones loves killing people. Or, to be more accurate, it loves to portray the very real cost of living in the midst of an incredibly unstable society. Anyone can die because, realistically, no one in real life would ever be saved by virtue of being a main character. So will Daenerys be the next one to die? Tyrion did hint that she is vulnerable, that her death would leave her army with nothing but…I don’t think she will. Or, at least, I don’t think it will be this season. There seems to be a lot left for her to do within the show and I think they’ve set her up to be a major player in the final battle. However, I don’t want to discount the idea that she could die entirely because, despite her many victories, despite her seeming incredibly important to the story, the same thing could have been said about Robb Stark. Or Ned Stark. Or even Joffrey Baratheon. I have read the books, so I knew what was going to happen, but Game of Thrones has never been afraid of killing its main characters and twisting down a narrative path few expected the show to take. Does this mean that Daenerys will definitely die? Of course not. My point is just that we should be aware that she isn’t safe. No one is.

And to always remember that victory can very, very quickly turn to defeat.

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2. Will she find some chill?

This is more a theory of own but, since I’m a fan, it still counts. I think.

I’m probably one of the very, very few people who believe that her losing a dragon is going to be a good thing in the long run. My post two weeks ago was all about her arrogance and entitlement in regards to the Iron Throne. I feel that a large part of her sense of invincibility, of strength, rested on the fact that her dragons had never been in serious danger. Nothing had ever been able to stand up to them. Until now. Having that security ripped away from her in such a visceral way, having to face and cope with a real, bone deep, defeat, can only make her a better character. She needed that vulnerability, that reminder, that she can be hurt, as a way to make her think about her actions a little bit more. Now, I’m not saying that she should have never flown North to save Jon Snow. What I am saying is that I think now she has more of a stake in the fight with the Night King and, as a result, has seen that there are more important things to worry about than who sits on the Iron Throne.

Do I think she’ll find some chill? Realistically, no. She is, after all, a Targaryen. I think she’s always going to have a violent temper. However, I think she is a lot farther away from being the Mad Queen than she was in earlier episodes. What we are seeing now is a situation where I think her wrath is being pointed in the right direction. With Viserion ‘dead’ (or undead, if you want to be pedantic), Daenerys has turned her considerable wrath onto the Night King and his army. As long as it doesn’t make her act rashly (though, now I’ve written that, I’m seriously hoping the loss of one dragon is enough to make her think tactically) I think she is going to do some serious damage. Therefore, the end of season seven is most likely going to see Danaerys pushing to take the fight North; rather than her pushing for any altercations in the south. Especially once she finds out what has happened to one of her dragons.


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3. Will she marry Jon Snow?

As someone who kinda shipped them before they even met because of how their stories seemed to parallel…I’m actually hoping they don’t get married. To be honest, I’m hoping they don’t even admit they like each other. It’s clear to any viewer that the show is laying the foundations for a romance between the two characters. However, I’m really not keen on the prospect of them as a couple. To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure why; I just don’t buy into this growing attraction between the two of them. I’m going to be boring here and say that I would have preferred a purely diplomatic battle of wills sort of situation between the two. It would have been interesting to see them fight for concessions from the other without an undertone of romance. Of course, I cannot deny that it is a part of the show and it certainly does look like a Jon Snow/Daenerys relationship is going to happen. Will they get married this season? I honestly don’t think they are going to have the time.

4. Will she be betrayed?

There’s been a theory floating around the Internet that Missandei could possible betray her friend. While Game of Thrones is fond of shocking us with betrayals (Shae, anyone?) I don’t think this theory holds up to close scrutiny. I haven’t seen a motive for Missandei betraying Daenerys that makes any sense. Yes, she loves Grey Worm and it’s been quite a few episodes since we last saw him but, if my memory serves, he’s featured in the preview for the season finale. Beyond someone potentially using him as leverage, I really don’t see why she’d betray her Queen. Besides, who, outside of the Dragon Queen’s allies, even know her and Grey Worm are a thing? I don’t really think there is much to this theory and, if I am proved wrong then so be it.

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Still. Is there someone else that could betray her? There is the prophecy from the books about three betrays: one for blood, one for gold and one for love. We’ve had two already (with Jorah betraying her for gold and Mirri Maz Duur for blood) so who could betray her for love? Could potential love interest Jon Snow betray her? It would probably be in a way similar to how he betrayed Ygritte— something he needed to do to protect and save people. Could he betray her to protect her from something? Or could it be Tyrion? We know that Jaime is still very staunchly on Cersei’s side so, could Tyrion betray Daenerys to protect his older brother in some way? I’m not really sure who it’s going to be. It could even be the result of a storyline that hasn’t even unfolded yet.

Though, to be perfectly honest, and ignoring this whole prophecy thing…we all know that Cersei Lannister is going to betray her at this little meeting in Kings Landing.