Geek in a Week: Week 2, Part 1

Hi there and welcome back, this is your fellow geek correspondent Jac with this week’s Geek in a Week but with a twist. I’ll be posting twice a week, splitting up the week’s news giving more updates of what’s happening, and so I don’t write endless amounts of rubbish about TV and comics…. Anyways this week in particular we’re looking at Defenders, David, and Deadpool & Dragon, so without further ado let’s defend Hell’s Kitchen!

This week’s headline news: Netflix’s Defenders officially released!



On Friday 18th August and after two years of build-up and suspension, Netflix official released the crossover we’ve all been waiting for; THE DEFENDERS. Yes for the first time ever, all four heroes have come together to stop the Hand and the mysterious Madame Gao from taking over Hell’s Kitchen. There’s only 8 episodes this time around compared to the traditional 13, but as always they’ve all been uploaded so it’s time for you to wind down and binge out! And of course there’s always that Stan Lee cameo so be sure to look out for him too!

So who’s your favourite Defender? Is it Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or Iron Fist? Let us know! With season 3 of Daredevil and seasons 2 of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage confirmed, we can only wait for the time that The Defenders will meet again, maybe finally meeting the Avengers or reuniting with Frank Castle aka The Punisher after his series comes out later this year? Until then we have been left with an awesome teaser for Jessica Jones…

David Tennant returns to Jessica Jones season 2!

Purple Man

Yes we were also told this week that David Tennant who played the main villain Zebediah Kilgrave/The Purple Man in the first season will return for the next chapter of Jessica Jones’s life! Kilgrave was the best part of season 1 for sure, with Tennant’s sinister and manipulative portrayal just terrifying and chilling, the complete opposite of what we’ve all known the actor to play before. The character from the show is similar to the one from the comics, except he was turned purple from an experimental nerve gas, and has the ability to control other people’s minds via his pheromones. Fans will know that SPOILER ALERT!… he was killed by JJ at the climax of the last season, so what will he become in season 2? Will he be resurrected by the Hand or will he continue to haunt JJ from beyond the grave, maybe he’ll even be in a flashback or a cameo? Who knows? But with rumours of other villains reported for this season including Typhoid Mary, The Paladin and Nuke, this season sure sounds like to be bigger and better than the first!


Unfortunately now, we must pay our respects to Joi “SJ” Harris, the stunt woman and road racer who was tragically killed in a stunt driving accident on Monday 14th August. It is reported that she was doubling for Zazie Betz/Domino and lost control of a motorcycle and crashed into the Shaw Tower. Filming was stopped and then resumed two days later. The cast and crew payed their respects, and our thoughts are with her friends and family. Below is a tweet from Reynolds’s Twitter account mourning Joi’s loss:


And finally on a lighter note, it was revealed that for the sixth season of CW’s Arrow, the Green Arrow will finally go head to head with one of his most famous villains; Ricardo Diaz Junior or better known as Richard Dragon.

Richard Dragon

In the comics, Richard Dragon has had a long history as he was part of DC’s run in the 70’s but in the show he looks like he’ll be modelled more after the New 52 reboot. Ricardo Diaz Junior is a martial arts themed villain and was the son of a drug lord in Star City, but was killed by Green Arrow’s team mate John Diggle, dressed as the Arrow. Will Dragon be out for blood, just like Prometheus from last season or will he bring something new to the series? Well yes he kind of will as the official description for his character reveals his back story within the show

“Male, 30s-40s, Diverse. Hardened ex-son recently released from prison for crimes he didn’t commit. Ricardo uses his freedom and 25 million dollars in settlement money to establish control over Star City’s criminal underworld. He’s a martial arts and fighting expert honed by years of life on the street and in prison.”

The season 6 premiere will pick up 6 months after the previous finale, and with returning characters Deathstroke, Black Siren and Vigilante, Arrow sounds like it will be building up from the strengths in season 5 and intends to aim even higher. Richard Dragon will be played by Kirk Acevedo who will be known to fans for being in The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Arrow returns on October 12th 2017.

That’s all to report for now, but come back on Friday for more geek and nerdy news, especially regarding the return of our favourite MI5 Agent!

Until then this is Jac, signing out.